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  1. 07 Aug 2016

    Magnificent! Don't freak out. Look closely!

  2. 07 Aug 2016

    The kind folks at @MiraBellaMumbai customised my dessert today. No escaping it! #sultan #stillgoingstrong

  3. 07 Aug 2016

    Super fun morning, shooting for Film Companion with Ehsaan, Amit, Shekhar and Anupama. Check it out, and we'll be on @saavn too,

  4. 07 Aug 2016

    Thanks, @voxpopofficial and @priyankablah for all the cool #SuicideSquad gear. As you can see, it's already been pressed into se

  5. 07 Aug 2016

    From the set of a music video I shot for a couple of days ago, with the magnificent @monicadogra, who also took this picture. N

  6. 07 Aug 2016

    I'm shattered. What's happening to our country? Where is our humanity?

  7. 07 Aug 2016

    Bwaaahahahahahahahahahahaha! Some Sindhi kids have serious early-facial-hair issues! Yes, that's me! And yes, I always knew the

  8. 07 Aug 2016

    STILL killing it! #Sultan is at all the top 4 spots on the @OrmaxMedia charts, yet again! 3rd week in a row. All credit to @alia

  9. 07 Aug 2016

    A still from the video for #BrokenWorld, my collaboration with Salim and Suleiman Merchant from last year. If you haven't heard

  10. 07 Aug 2016

    With @auzershaikh , a contestant for #TheStage2 . Can't tell you whether he made it or not, just yet. Stay tuned to @colors_infi

  11. 07 Aug 2016

    Looks like a scene out of #heroes or some sorta #graphicnovel ! This is from #TheStage2 promo shoot, tweaked by Devraj.

  12. 07 Aug 2016

    Balancing the books! #TheStage2 #Magic #bagfullofmoney on my #fingertips

  13. 09 Aug 2016

    My phone decided to be a bastard to me, this morning.

  14. 10 Aug 2016

    Bigger, better, brighter! #TheStage2 begins! Shoot day 1! Catch @ehsaan @monicadogra @devsanyal @shibanidandekar and me, findin

  15. 12 Aug 2016

    Tonight, Vishal & Shekhar play live, at the Du Forum at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Farhan Akhtar is playing too! Gonna be super fu

  16. 13 Aug 2016

    Me, in 1996, right around when Pentagram put out our first album. Picture courtesy the intrepid @bobinjames. Where'd you find i

  17. 13 Aug 2016

    Heading to play at the Du Forum, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Looking forward to some legit madness! ;)

  18. 14 Aug 2016

    This is gonna be fun! August 16, #Beliya @wearethevamps #vishalandshekhar

  19. 14 Aug 2016

    #vishalandshekhar live at #DuForum #YasIsland #AbuDhabi last night! Fun show! :)

  20. 14 Aug 2016

    Love it! Hiphop science for the masses.

  21. 15 Aug 2016

    Say it with me, loud and proud......JAI HIND!!!! Happy #IndependenceDay #India

  22. 18 Aug 2016

    People, get over to YouTube, and check out #Beliya by Vishal and Shekhar, featuring @WeAreTheVamps Let me know what you think! :

  23. 18 Aug 2016

    Bombay Times front-page V+S takeover today, with #Bappa and #Beliya, both out today!

  24. 19 Aug 2016

    Some thick-as-a-brick article about Sindhis! My much-amused niece found it and sent it to me!

  25. 23 Aug 2016

    All #Punisher day at #TheStage2 ! Just finished a gruelling day of shoot, but damn! What stellar voices! This is gonna be a fun

  26. 24 Aug 2016

    Sometimes, my phone camera takes some pretty cool pictures, on its own.

  27. 25 Aug 2016

    I get terribly awkward when asked to pose for pictures. Hence...Foolishness generally ensues!

  28. 25 Aug 2016

    So....Delhi with @WeAreTheVamps . Not sure whether @TheVampsTristan 's throwing a gang sign, or a croissant. #Beliya https://t.c

  29. 28 Aug 2016

    Whoa! Well done! #Repost @savimeister ! ・・・ Silver, B, 8 & 10b used. Size A3. Cuz @vishaldadlani1 ! you're awesome!

  30. 12 Sep 2016

    Here we go! #TheStage2 is here bigger, better, brighter than ever! Starts Sept 17. Are you ready!?

  31. 18 Sep 2016

    Not a bad start to #TheStage2 , trending at Number 1 on day 1! Make sure you all catch it tonight at 10pm on @colorsinfinitytv

  32. 18 Sep 2016

    It's time! Watch #TheStage2 premiere at 1pm and 10pm on Colors Infinity. Let me know who your favourite singers are!

  33. 02 Oct 2016

    Been a while, eh? This is from #VishalandShekharLIVE at the #BollywoodMusicProject in Mumbai, last night. How've you all been?

  34. 05 Oct 2016

    Ain't love grand?

  35. 07 Oct 2016

    Traffic in Mumbai makes full-grown adults whine... #iwantmymommy #malaaaaiipahije #SwagPeLimitNahin #gangsta #mamasboy

  36. 08 Oct 2016

    Half a kilometre from the devil.

  37. 08 Oct 2016

    Shot an insane episode of #YaaronKiBaraat with my wonderfully deranged friends @riteishd @ShekharRavjiani @sunidhichauhan5 and S

  38. 10 Oct 2016

    We claim to respect our soldiers. Every night, Arnab screams and shouts about respecting our Forces. Yet, nobody talks about thi

  39. 13 Oct 2016

    Spot ON! #HadToBeSaid #HadToBeShared

  40. 13 Oct 2016

    Bloody hell! Over 10 million views in under 36 hours. #BefikreTrailer blazing it! Check out the snippet of the title track in th

  41. 14 Oct 2016

    POW! *Picture by @henna.akhtar who has styled me for #TheStage2 *

  42. 14 Oct 2016

    Vishal and Shekhar will be performing live, at IIT-DELHI on the 24th of October. Come on out and jump around with us! :)

  43. 16 Oct 2016

    Random people tag me in wannabe-bollywood-struggler pictures. I wish them luck and everything, but there's nothing I can do to h

  44. 17 Oct 2016

    This is BIG news! Originally leaked by @JamesPoniewozik on Twitter.

  45. 19 Oct 2016

    Ouch! Bwaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  46. 20 Oct 2016

    BIG THINGS COMING! @monicadogra and I got together for @nexaexperience, the single destination for all things premiere! Teaser c

  47. 20 Oct 2016

    Kicks! I know it's a black and white picture, but they're actually that colour! :)

  48. 20 Oct 2016

    Lookit that view! :) Singapore today. #VishalandShekharLIVE perform for Standard Chartered Bank tonight.

  49. 24 Oct 2016

    I've never understood how more people don't get this.

  50. 25 Oct 2016

    #VishalandShekharLIVE at IIT-Delhi tonight. The crowd felt infinite, and so did I! If you want to experience some of the sheer b

  51. 25 Oct 2016

    BIG NEWS! At 5pm today, the music video for "Come With Me Now", my new @nexaexperience cover with Monica Dogra for #NexaMusicLou

  52. 26 Oct 2016

    No offense, but....

  53. 26 Oct 2016

    Just chillin' with Ms. Birthday, @monicadogra Have a beautiful one, Moniqua, and get back here soon! (@ehsaan and @devsanyal , a

  54. 27 Oct 2016

    Kinda leaves one speechless, doesn't it? Please don't let WhatsApp do your thinking for you.

  55. 28 Oct 2016

    Late night flight home, after two mental days of shooting in the blazing Goa sun. The eyes have it!

  56. 28 Oct 2016

    It's rough. #toughingitout #musicvideo #whatsnext @nexaexperience #NexaMusicLounge #coolthings

  57. 02 Nov 2016

    #Breakfast is #TheBomb !

  58. 05 Nov 2016


  59. 05 Nov 2016

    If I pushed it, would the door be alarming, then?

  60. 06 Nov 2016

    Life meets you on the paths you don't know. #ezevillage #chevredor #YesItsShittyTouristySloganTime #WroteHashtagsInPretentiousR

  61. 07 Nov 2016

    This has been my go-to album for about half of my adult life, ever since @funkthem introduced me to them, back in the '90s, and

  62. 09 Nov 2016

    The only picture I took during the #templeofthedog show at @thegarden . Flew out from India, just for the day, to catch this sho

  63. 16 Nov 2016

    Almost....almost. The studio where we've done most of our writing and recording since 2007, has been rebuilt from the ground, up

  64. 17 Nov 2016

    Leather, with a scar or two. Picture by the stellar @aniphotoguy .

  65. 18 Nov 2016

    Original picture, vs. "DESPERATELY trying to deflect public anger"

  66. 20 Nov 2016

    Too damned early in the morning, to be stuck in traffic! #Bangalore Hippie hat courtesy the industrious @shalmiaow

  67. 21 Nov 2016

    Met this lovely lady, a couple of days ago. Heterochromia gives her differently coloured eyes. Spent the rest of the day singing

  68. 22 Nov 2016

    Quite a serious list!

  69. 01 Dec 2016

    "India needs to re-learn the concept of Freedom, and the value of questioning everything in the light of common-sense, and only

  70. 04 Dec 2016

    The progenitors c. 1973, the year I was born. That's my Mum, on the left. So beautiful then, and she still is. Happy Birthday, M

  71. 04 Dec 2016

    Parallel lines on my palm. Any astrologers out there? Come on, tell me what's up with my future, wouldja? Hahahahahahahahaha!

  72. 07 Dec 2016

    Guess I have the kind of face that looks best in silhouette, and especially if i'm facing away from the camera! ;)

  73. 07 Dec 2016

    Where it's at! I got no turntables and a microphone!

  74. 08 Dec 2016

    Hanging with a big chicken in a wedding-gown!

  75. 08 Dec 2016

    Breakfast with a beautiful friend.

  76. 13 Dec 2016

    Where I inevitably end up, on New Year's Eve.

  77. 14 Dec 2016

  78. 21 Dec 2016

    #Demonetisation This may seem funny to us, but it's not to the person who doesn't have access to any one of the items on the li

  79. 22 Dec 2016

    New, lighter stage-jacket. Less formal is always happier, for me! :)

  80. 22 Dec 2016

    #Demonetisation Stupid implementation of what could have been a proper ace. It's now driven only by ego and megalomania. Also,

  81. 24 Dec 2016

    Two million followers on Twitter. Thank you all for your love and support. I'm @vishaldadlani on Twitter and my Facebook page i

  82. 24 Dec 2016

    No comment needed, really.

  83. 24 Dec 2016

    Please be there, please share! Save your city, save your sea, save your fishermen, and save 3600Cr. of your money, that can be

  84. 28 Dec 2016


  85. 30 Dec 2016

    F*cking hell...I flew!!! What a feeling!!! Three days of, literally, one of the best times of my life, with @flytemplepilots ! A

  86. 01 Jan 2017

    Last sunset of 2016. Have a spectacular year, everyone. May we all find love, peace and humanity.

  87. 02 Jan 2017

    What a day! What a day, what a day! - Erykah Badu, getting it so very right!

  88. 04 Jan 2017

    55 Days, Mitron. What was that he'd said? "Give me 50 days, if things aren't sorted....(what was it??)"

  89. 04 Jan 2017

    A purple morning, as she says goodbye.

  90. 08 Jan 2017

    Now we're talking! 1000-Cr.-barrier, meet REAL Bollywood power!

  91. 09 Jan 2017

    This is NOT a drill! This is gonna be the greatest war film ever. The most epic, most magnificent story of courage ever told. An

  92. 09 Jan 2017

    A bit too early in the morning, as attested by the droopy chap above my right shoulder. #KazirangaUniversity in #Jorhat, I'm hea

  93. 10 Jan 2017

    One more from the beautiful tea gardens at Jorhat. #KazirangaGolfClub #KazirangaUniversity

  94. 10 Jan 2017

    The troops are on the move! #DucksOnParade #Jorhat #Assam #KazirangaGolfClub

  95. 14 Jan 2017

    First few days in the newly-rebuilt studio. The room has a whole new set of sonic characteristics! Figuring it out! Fun times!

  96. 15 Jan 2017

    Slightly foggy today! @hazelkeechofficial No, that's not my breath hiding the lake and hills!

  97. 15 Jan 2017

    Be very afraid!

  98. 17 Jan 2017


  99. 17 Jan 2017


  100. 19 Jan 2017


  101. 20 Jan 2017

    Those who can, dance! Those who can't, lounge around in cool gear from @mohanshakti 's utterly magical dance studio, @nrityashak

  102. 20 Jan 2017

    Mera desh badal raha hai! Saw this at my local chemists, I'm happy to say! Didn't look like it was particularly high-quality, s

  103. 20 Jan 2017

    Earth and the Aurora Australis by @explorenasa . I don't use this emoji often, but... ❤

  104. 21 Jan 2017

    Wait...that shit was real!? #Trump is REALLY President of the USA!?

  105. 22 Jan 2017


  106. 23 Jan 2017

    She's always an island in a turbulent sea. So happy to see you this morning, @monicadogra ! Enjoy #JaipurLitfest while I outdo T

  107. 23 Jan 2017

    This ain't morning. It's the proverbial "dead of night"! IIT-Kharagpur, I'm heading your way! #iitkgp #VishalandShekharLIVE

  108. 25 Jan 2017

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I LOVE @twitter ! #IQsAreForSissies

  109. 25 Jan 2017

    This isn't about Trump. Read this. I hope you realise that exactly the same tactics are being applied to you and me, everyday.

  110. 26 Jan 2017

    I get a lot of love for having sung @clintoncerejo 's epic #Madari, but of the thousands and thousands of compliments I've recei

  111. 26 Jan 2017

    Jai Hind! Let nothing and no-one be above the Constitution that we celebrate today. Stand up for its values! #HappyRepublicDay

  112. 26 Jan 2017

    A still from the video for my cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall", for @nexaexperience . Copy-paste this link to your browser to watch

  113. 26 Jan 2017

    Mumbai!! Tomorrow, #VishalandShekharLIVE alongside the magical @SunidhiChauhan5 ! 1st time in 17 yrs of being friends & colleagu

  114. 27 Jan 2017

    The venue for this evening's #VishalandShekharLIVE concert, in BKC Mumbai. 22k chairs, I'm told. We will, of course, not let the

  115. 28 Jan 2017

    Before and after. Yesterday's #RepublicDay concert at BKC, feat. #VishalandShekharLIVE and @sunidhichauhan5

  116. 28 Jan 2017


  117. 29 Jan 2017

    Some guys have all the luck! :) With the breathtakingly beautiful @OfficialRaveenaTandon , who clearly has no fear of monsters!

  118. 29 Jan 2017

    Littlefoot and Tinyhand.

  119. 01 Feb 2017

    Laughed my ass off shooting for #sonofabish S02 with the distinguished Mr. @tanmaybhat & (invisible) sex-offender @abishmathew +

  120. 01 Feb 2017

    No, fuck you! I don't keep buying the same pair of shades, over and over again!

  121. 04 Feb 2017

    Spent an evening shooting the shit with the incredibly funny @abishmathew and @tanmaybhat , for the first episode of S2 of #sono

  122. 05 Feb 2017

    What a stellar picture ! @ShekharRavjiani and I communicating with the beautiful crowd that showed up to see us at the @mirchili

  123. 05 Feb 2017

    Super night in Pune, with Mirchi Live for ISB&M with #VishalandShekharLIVE . Facebook people, tag yourselves if you were there!

  124. 07 Feb 2017

    In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty. - Bob Marley (Rat Race). Happy Birthday, Bob. Smoke one for me! Picture by Hosh

  125. 09 Feb 2017

    #Repost @operationblackdot with @repostapp ・・・ BMC Elections are scheduled on 21st February Mumbai, get ready to Vote: https:/

  126. 19 Feb 2017

    "Kamlesh the Chameleon", as captioned by @blackstratblues ! Full admiration for his sartorial courage, and the perfect #Camoufla

  127. 19 Feb 2017

    [email protected] at #RangBhavan for #IndependenceRock in 1999.

  128. 21 Feb 2017

    Tomorrow's (Feb 21) elections for the BMC, the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai affects every single one of us who lives here, di

  129. 22 Feb 2017

    #Voter #votedToSaveAarey

  130. 23 Feb 2017

    Yo Delhi! I'll be performing live for #NexaMusicLounge on 25th Feb, @HardRockCafeIndia, Gurugram. Log on to www.nexaexperience.c

  131. 27 Feb 2017

    St. Andrews Church, Bandra, today. I'm pretty sure they meant it as a play on the word "Pants". I hope.

  132. 27 Feb 2017

    Those little peppers from Shillong can make a grown man cry!

  133. 02 Mar 2017

    Truth!! And it must be done, now!

  134. 03 Mar 2017

    London (27 May) and Leicester (29 May), we're coming for you! Show up and jump around with us! #VishalandShekharLIVE

  135. 03 Mar 2017

    Wish this sorta thing happened more often, so we could all hang out! Happy to be part of Papon's soulful project, even happier t

  136. 05 Mar 2017

    #PESUniversity #Bengaluru, you were awesome tonight! Here's proof! #VishalandShekharLIVE

  137. 06 Mar 2017

    Last night at #AatmaTrisha #PESUniversity #Bengaluru #VishalandShekharLIVE

  138. 09 Mar 2017

    It's not his fault, people! Naam mein hi tezi hai! He's takin' it next level, banda bohot saala crazy hai! @raftaarmusic in the

  139. 10 Mar 2017

    Special, cuz we don't normally play such small, intimate venues. Bandra Fort Amphitheatre, we're on at 7.30 TONIGHT. Come. #Vish

  140. 10 Mar 2017

    I love mornings like a muzzafugga. Yay.

  141. 11 Mar 2017

    Last night, in Mumbai. Tonight in Chennai is even more fun! #VishalandShekharLIVE

  142. 12 Mar 2017

    Mad, mad time at #SRMUniversity Chennai, last night! #VishalandShekharLIVE

  143. 13 Mar 2017

    Well, the night I was born, Lord, I swear the moon turned a fire red. - Jimi Hendrix ("Voodoo Chile")

  144. 13 Mar 2017

    The infinite beauty of #SRMUniversity #Chennai singing every word of every song! #VishalandShekharLIVE

  145. 17 Mar 2017

    Delhi, see you at the Bollywood Music Project concert on the 25th/26th of March. @bmp_online #BMP #VishalandShekharLIVE

  146. 18 Mar 2017

    Something new, something fun, something that really !!POPS!! is almost here! Can’t wait? Like, share, comment to unlock the nam

  147. 18 Mar 2017

    I'm not much of a shopper, but look at these ridiculous muhfuzzin' hyper-warpspeed space-shoes! Had to have 'em! #walkingonthemo

  148. 18 Mar 2017

    Utter misfit in the middle of an After-Holi Holi party in Dubai! Gotta love these Indian colours in the middle of all that sandy

  149. 20 Mar 2017

    "Inventor". "Pioneer". These are little words that will never be enough for this man's legacy. You know how they said "Rock and

  150. 20 Mar 2017

    (Swipe right for more images) Only @ARRahman and #BTOS could pull this off! Easily the most elaborate concert-production for an

  151. 23 Mar 2017

    BIG NEWS!! Friends in the US and Canada!! Aa rahe hain hum!!! Tayyaar hain aap? See you in July-Aug! Share, and spread the word!

  152. 23 Mar 2017

    Hugs like this from @farahkhankunder are among the main reasons my voice is always so raspy!

  153. 24 Mar 2017

    Today, in 1931, three brave young men walked to their deaths with smiles on their faces, just so we could be free. Are we a nati

  154. 26 Mar 2017

    Fun night, even though they missed the "&" in between our names. #VishalandShekharLIVE #BMPDelhi

  155. 26 Mar 2017

    Space-shoe debut! #BollywoodMusicProject #Delhi #RightNOW

  156. 26 Mar 2017

    Fresh as a daisy with a throbbing headache. Early flights suck donkey balls. (No offense to any donkeys. If you are a donkey, I

  157. 27 Mar 2017

    And this one from when @raftaarmusic jumped on with #VishalandShekharLIVE at #BMPDelhi , last night

  158. 27 Mar 2017

    And this one from the #VishalandShekharLIVE performance at #BMPDelhi , last night! MAD time!

  159. 27 Mar 2017

    So glad I stayed back to watch @ameet_trivedi close out day 2 of @bmp_online #BMPDelhi ! Got to jump on and sing #Gulabo with it

  160. 08 Apr 2017

    Where it's at!

  161. 08 Apr 2017

    Is anything on earth, more beautiful and more humbling than the ocean?

  162. 09 Apr 2017

    One of the very rare times #Pentagram got on stage with an actual set-list, was at Blue Frog in Mumbai, in 2013. What a night it

  163. 10 Apr 2017

    Coffee-flavoured yoghurt. So very wrong!

  164. 15 Apr 2017

    The venue for #VishalandShekharLIVE at the #AAHOA Convention in San Antonio, TX, tonight. Full #VSUSCAN tour coming up in July!

  165. 15 Apr 2017

    The master conman strikes again. Granting women freedom from an oppressive law THAT NEVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE! Hahahahah

  166. 15 Apr 2017

    Stranded in windy Chicago last night. Thanks, BA. En route San Antonio, this morning. On a #unitedairlines flight. #PleaseUnited

  167. 16 Apr 2017

    San Antonio, last night! #VishalandShekharLIVE will be back in the US in July! Thanks for the starter-party, #AAHOACON ! #VSUSC

  168. 16 Apr 2017

    Breakfast! The very best thing about America!

  169. 17 Apr 2017

    Moron bhakts angry at #snapchat, attacking #snapdeal. Bwaaahahahahahahahahahaha! Some idiots are #NotTooPoorJustTooDumb , I gues

  170. 21 Apr 2017

    Pentagram's last stand (until we play again?). October 2013, I believe.

  171. 21 Apr 2017

    Proud to perform for the brave officers of the Mumbai Fire Brigade at the #FireWeek Celebrations at the #GatewayOfIndia ! #Visha

  172. 23 Apr 2017

    #VishalandShekharLIVE performing for the Mumbai Fire Department's #FireWeek celebration at the Gateway of India. Super picture!

  173. 26 Apr 2017

    Seem familiar?

  174. 30 Apr 2017

    My first film as director, I reckon?

  175. 06 May 2017

    Most of all, thank YOU guys who've given #NasheSiChadhGayi so much love ! It's a great feeling to have you all dancing with us!

  176. 14 May 2017

    I had such a blast! You guys are awesome! People! Go check out @TheEtceteras and their spectacular improv comedy nights! Follow

  177. 14 May 2017

    Swipe left for a time-warp! Same people, same place (Mandira's beautiful home), 4 years apart. I'd say we all look better now!

  178. 14 May 2017

    Look at these lovelies! Just so you all know, our IIJ1 WhatsApp group from 2013 is still active, and it may have taken 4 years t

  179. 16 May 2017

    We're Number ONE!

  180. 16 May 2017

    Friends and fans of #VishalandShekharLIVE , please take note. We will be touring the US and Canada in April 2018. We'll see you

  181. 17 May 2017

    HOW is this not the most important topic of discussion in the media? #SuckUps #AchcheDinAagayeKya ?

  182. 19 May 2017

    Chris Cornell.... Fuck. I'm without words. Feels like I lost a teacher, a guide, a friend, a mentor, an idol. His voice was part

  183. 19 May 2017

    Health with a tasteful punch, from @FrunchIndia ! If anyone knows how to combine fitness & food, it's @imkaranwahi ! Trying to

  184. 20 May 2017

    All I'm saying is, don't buy every halo you see. Picture courtesy the remarkably multi-talented Shri @ankurtewari , jinhone mer

  185. 21 May 2017

    ALMOST TIME!! :) London : May27, Royal Festival Hall Leicester: May29, De Montfort Hall #VishalandShekharLIVE

  186. 21 May 2017

    Bloody hell! Started getting food from yesterday, & this is the best meal I've eaten in 17 Keto days! Thanks @imkaranw

  187. 23 May 2017

    [email protected] my absolute best for #SachinABillionDreams ! Good luck, Carnival Motion Pictures and AA Films. Not that you gu

  188. 25 May 2017

    #Repost @meganmoscos (@get_repost) ・・・ OK its OFFICIAL ..... VISHAL & SHEKHAR ARE HERE #VishalandShekharLIVE I am

  189. 25 May 2017

    London. Day 1. #VishalandShekharLIVE have landed! See you at our concert at the #royalfestivalhall #southbankcentre on Saturday,

  190. 27 May 2017

    There's a moon over Bourbon Street tonight. #London #LoveIt #FangsYouVeryMuch

  191. 28 May 2017

    Freshly signed souvenirs for the kind folk from @rockoneventsltd to give away as they see fit, at the concert tonight.

  192. 28 May 2017

    From the press conference for #VishalandShekharLIVE ! We're playing at the #southbankcentre in London tonight. Come on out!

  193. 28 May 2017

    #JimboIsBest #Repost @__skunk (@get_repost) ・・・ YOU again (

  194. 29 May 2017

    #London, you guys were blazing red tonight! #southbankcentre #alchemy #VishalAndShekharLive @rockoneventsltd

  195. 29 May 2017

    Ah, London! You beauty! Thank you all for a stellar night! #VishalAndShekharLive

  196. 30 May 2017

    Almost time! See you in a bit, #Leicester ! #VishalAndShekharLive

  197. 30 May 2017

    Proud as hell to be wearing my new '10 years of @blackstratblues & 'Nights in Shining Karma' T-shirt today! Thanks, @madambeers

  198. 30 May 2017

    From #VishalandShekharLIVE at the #AlchemyFestival, #southbankcentre #London . #Leicester, are you ready for tonight?

  199. 31 May 2017

    #Leicester, you were so beautiful last night! #VishalandShekharLIVE @rockoneventsltd #DeMontfordHall

  200. 01 Jun 2017

    Another one from #VishalandShekharLIVE in #Leicester. What a great night! :) @rockoneventsltd

  201. 02 Jun 2017

    It begins. See you when the season's done. #HouseOfCards @robinwright @kevinspacey #presidentunderwood

  202. 06 Jun 2017

    Yet again, Ravish the Brave, says it, and issues the challenge of a live interview. Come on, @narendramodi ji, prove him wrong.

  203. 07 Jun 2017

    #Repost @rosita_captures (@get_repost) ・・・ Inframe : @vishaldadlani1 Event : #aatmatrisha Photographed by : Archana Kulkarni #

  204. 08 Jun 2017

    When the sky goes #NoFilter on me.

  205. 09 Jun 2017

    No, I didn't 'painted' it. Took a picture, used an app, tainted it. #Haiku #instahaiku #seventeensyllables #poetryforthemasses

  206. 10 Jun 2017

    For your information. Also....woohoo! Temporary respite, but respite nonetheless. I do not want an #Aadhaar card, because it's

  207. 14 Jun 2017

    Post-workout wipeout. Phewph!

  208. 15 Jun 2017

    Guess who? @PentagramIndia 's first trip abroad, in 1996. We played in the beautiful Seychelles, right before we put out our fi

  209. 15 Jun 2017

    Sabza like a mofo! No chia-seeds for me! ;)

  210. 19 Jun 2017

    4 egg omelette, with garlic & ginger braised spinach and feta cheese inside. Raw tomatoes on the side, cuz I love 'em. #ManCanCo

  211. 20 Jun 2017

    Public service announcement! In Shaggy's voice.... "WASN'T ME!"

  212. 22 Jun 2017

    So happy to receive this! A fine example of citizens using their voices for positive change. "Remember Sunder, the Elephant? Yes

  213. 22 Jun 2017


  214. 24 Jun 2017

    South Africa!!! Are you ready for #VishalAndShekharLive Durban (30 Jun), Jo'burg (2 July), come on out! Absolute madness, guara

  215. 25 Jun 2017


  216. 26 Jun 2017

    I've been part of this twice, and will do it again, whenever I can. Join in, Mumbai! Make our city better, don't just talk about

  217. 28 Jun 2017

    Please share this, and go to this peaceful protest at Carter Road at 5pm tomorrow. Stand against the gruesome lynchings that hav

  218. 28 Jun 2017

    Most romantic picture ever! Not just because they were kissing in the moment of their deaths, but because it does reflect realit

  219. 30 Jun 2017

    Taking the whole "wildlife" vibe very seriously!

  220. 01 Jul 2017

    Soundcheck in #Durban, earlier today! Heading to the beautoful venue in a bit, can't wait to see it full of the beautiful people

  221. 01 Jul 2017

    Hahahahahahahahaha! I guess such hilarious ignorance isn't just limited to India's Entertainment Journos and labels! https://t.c

  222. 01 Jul 2017

    #Durban , I love you already!

  223. 02 Jul 2017

    Love this picture from the concert in #Durban last night. Can't wait for the madness to hit #Johannesburg tomorrow! I hear they

  224. 02 Jul 2017

    Our Freedom was born here. This is the station where Gandhiji was thrown off his train, and where, in the waiting area, the seed

  225. 02 Jul 2017

    Visited the Phoenix Settlement, in #Durban, where Gandhiji lived and conceptualized 'Satyagraha'. This is from the living area o

  226. 02 Jul 2017

    Truly amazing picture of a truly amazing crowd at what turned into a truly amazing show! Tag yourself or repost, if you were the

  227. 02 Jul 2017

    From the #VishalAndShekharLive concert in #Durban tonight. You guys were amazing! #Johannesburg, you're next! Show up on the 2nd

  228. 03 Jul 2017

    #Johannesburg was blazing tonight! #VishalAndShekharLive

  229. 03 Jul 2017

    When one shamelessly takes selfies with the crowd, during a song called "Selfie Le Le".

  230. 03 Jul 2017

    When you shamelessly enjoy your own set! #Johannesburg , thank you for being such a phenomenal crowd! #VishalandShekharLIVE will

  231. 03 Jul 2017

    Please be there, Mumbai. Save India from the madness we are living through, right now. Nobody deserves to die because their cult

  232. 04 Jul 2017

    Swipe left for more majesty. Lions, Giraffes, Ostriches, Zebra, Hyena, Wildebeest, Springbok. #MamaAfrica showed me a glimpse of

  233. 04 Jul 2017

    A very crucial.message from my friend @smhoaxslayer. Please read and share. If WhatsApp is your primary news-source, you are do

  234. 05 Jul 2017

    Speaking softly to the night. #Johannesburg #VishalAndShekharLive #TeethOnParade

  235. 08 Jul 2017

    WANTED! Those thugs on the wall! ;) With the super-talented, super-humble @raftaarmusic and the man whose super-efficient compan

  236. 11 Jul 2017

    #GeniusSolution Anyone who tries this successfully, please put up a picture and tag me in it. #SocialMedia #NaturalSelection

  237. 11 Jul 2017

    "Haters will say it's motherboard." The state of Indian social media today, described in one sentence.

  238. 13 Jul 2017

    Everytime I put up data about the failure of #Demonetisation, bunches of BJP/Modi supporters line up to give me gaalis, as I'm s

  239. 16 Jul 2017

    Hairy and Scary sailed down the river! And they're both, me!

  240. 16 Jul 2017

    Don't say we didn't inform you guys. Sign up now, be the future. #thestage3 #Repost @monicadogra (@get_repost) ・・・ You heard ri

  241. 17 Jul 2017

    Belly-flops and peeling callouses. I'd say I was water-skiing, but all I did was fail at it! Super fun! Embarrassing video, in a

  242. 18 Jul 2017

    "And the sea turns to mirrors, And she shows me my face, And the wind turns in circles, The ripples, erase every trace." From "N

  243. 18 Jul 2017

    Us. Here. Now.

  244. 19 Jul 2017

    Top: Original Middle: Putin Prestidigitation Bottom: Modi Magic. Cool, right? Photoshop roxx! Courtesy: Dhruv Rathee.

  245. 20 Jul 2017

    Thanks for sharing this, @faroutakhtar . ・・・ An eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind ~ M.K Gandhi. Difficult to

  246. 21 Jul 2017

    How does this monstrosity, qualify as "art"!? The flower is so badly built, that it's been propped up by a stupid tiled rod. It

  247. 22 Jul 2017

    Unreal. #chester #linkinpark

  248. 26 Jul 2017

    Day after tomorrow, 4.30 pm. @shibanidandekar @ehsaan and I will answer all your questions about #TheStage3 , live on Facebook.

  249. 28 Jul 2017

    Ok, seriously...dont miss this tour, wherever you are. Check out her YouTube videos, if you don't believe me. DOT is a legit art

  250. 31 Jul 2017

    What do you think? I'm all for option 4, frankly. Go vote on my @twitter page, if you get as miffed by this sorta thing as I do!

  251. 31 Jul 2017

    #TheStage3 , the third season of India's first English Music Reality show. To participate, upload your videos to www.colorsinfin

  252. 01 Aug 2017

    Many cool changes to #TheStage3 format and eligibility. This time, singing groups are eligible too. Swipe for more info on that,

  253. 05 Aug 2017

    Sunshine vibes!

  254. 05 Aug 2017

    Uh-oh! There goes an entire day and night! Serious rescheduling coming up! @netflix_in

  255. 06 Aug 2017

    When your T-shirt tells your whole story, in two words. #MusicMatters . This awesome tee, and many more, created and marketed b

  256. 08 Aug 2017

    If you care about how power is being used to disctedit a courageous, young woman, & to protect a politically-connected stalker,

  257. 08 Aug 2017

    Happy #RakshaBandhan to our politicians!

  258. 09 Aug 2017

    You do not want to miss this! #Repost @blackstratblues ・・・ We are so excited to be announcing the album launch tour for our nex

  259. 10 Aug 2017

    Fun morning! (No, nothing's wrong with me. I'm fine! Just routine tests. Everyone should do 'em.)

  260. 12 Aug 2017

    #Repost @allaboutmusicin (@get_repost) ・・・ #speakeralert - Vishal & Shekhar, Music composer duo, who have redefined the Bollywoo

  261. 14 Aug 2017

    Here's to trying "new things". I'm a bit freaked out right now, honestly. Don't ask what, cuz I can't say at the moment. Just tr

  262. 14 Aug 2017

    Original question by @djvfx and translated into Gujarati by @parth_kk.

  263. 14 Aug 2017

    Great question from Twitter-user Deepak ( @djvfx ). Please take a moment and read it. If you post a translation in your language

  264. 15 Aug 2017

    This song is not a statement. It is an aspiration. A possibility. WE must make it true, in every way. India will be the greatest

  265. 15 Aug 2017

    Original question (in Hindi) by @djvfx. Translation sent in by @the_self_mesmerizer . Please do translate into your own languag

  266. 16 Aug 2017

    Smiles all around, with these lovelies, earlier today.

  267. 16 Aug 2017

    "Happy Indispindis Day" - child selling paper flags at a traffic light.

  268. 17 Aug 2017

    #FunTings with the beautiful @RiyazAmlani and the very beautiful @sarahtodd . Ask no questions and I'll tell you no lies! ;)

  269. 17 Aug 2017

    Strong, dark and bitter. Like my soul. (Don't get emo. That's a joke. My coffee is all of those things. My "soul" is not. I don'

  270. 17 Aug 2017

    I feel like I could hang my jacket on my pointy moustache today!

  271. 18 Aug 2017


  272. 18 Aug 2017

    Joined @RangDe as brand ambassador & social investor. They do great work, providing loans to enable the underprivileged to start

  273. 19 Aug 2017

    #FreeMedha NOW!

  274. 19 Aug 2017

    If you have the talent to be a pop star, this is your moment. #TheStage3 is here, and we're looking for You!

  275. 20 Aug 2017

    Delhi & Guwahati! This is gonna be awesome! Come on out and show #TheStage3 what you got!!!

  276. 21 Aug 2017

    The last of the real legends has left us today. My Dad introduced me to #JerryLewis and Dean Martin movies when I was just a kid

  277. 21 Aug 2017

    #Aadhar is a joke. it? Hopeful that the SC will reaffirm that Indian Citizens have a Fundamental #RightToPrivacy .

  278. 23 Aug 2017

    When you're trying hard to get in shape, but your shoes come apart on the treadmill. Tsk tsk! #MochiMochi

  279. 26 Aug 2017

    #TheLastAnalogGeneration , the stellar new album by the brilliant @blackstratblues . One of the most awesome records of 2017, an

  280. 26 Aug 2017

    10 More Unmotivational quotes for the benefit of twerps who post hammy pictures, with some hippie-babble alongside. Use these in

  281. 26 Aug 2017

    10 Unmotivational quotes for all the morons out there (No, of course you're not one of them!), who keep sharing cheesy shite. Th

  282. 26 Aug 2017

    These two! I know they're magnificently beautiful, but much more importantly, they're great friends to have. Magic hearts! @shib

  283. 29 Aug 2017

    So, @shekharravjiani 's new single, #Devi, comes out in just a little while. But this song is so much more than that. Every word

  284. 29 Aug 2017

    If I'm wearing a jacket, it has to be for one of the following reasons: 1. It's a funeral 2. It's a wedding. 3. I'm getting paid

  285. 29 Aug 2017

    There will never be another #ChrisCornell .

  286. 29 Aug 2017

    Clearly, the keto is working!

  287. 30 Aug 2017

    #MichaelJackson . Forever.

  288. 30 Aug 2017

    Now, Irony needs a samadhi too, cuz it just died of shame at this shamelessness! Question: Who killed Gandhiji? And what were h

  289. 01 Sep 2017

    Lo. Khush ho jaao! #Demonetisation is a roxxx! GST is a roxxx! Ok? #demonetisation kicks us all in the nuts, and we're smiling l

  290. 01 Sep 2017

    Cool thing called #Democracy. Try it, India? I was just making an honest suggestion, when some dude asked an important question

  291. 01 Sep 2017

    #DemonetisationFail facts and figures. Suck it up, and keep on keeping on, India. We have become a nation of sheep, waiting to b

  292. 01 Sep 2017

    Kya ukhaad liya, be!? #Demonetization #Dumbonetization For the stupid, by the stupid, of the stupid. And to top it off, check o

  293. 01 Sep 2017

    The BJP Govt has introduced "Electoral Bonds", which not only hide the sources of political party funding, but are also an effec

  294. 01 Sep 2017

    Don't just talk about it. Show up! 6 Sept., Juhu Beach. Carry your own water. Gloves and masks will be provided.

  295. 01 Sep 2017

    Bandra explained in a Venn Diagram.

  296. 03 Sep 2017

    Hokkusai Cookie Monster!

  297. 03 Sep 2017

    There be dragons!

  298. 03 Sep 2017

    India lives in these stories! I've also read and tweeted about Ganesh pooja being performed in a mosque, last year, and many oth

  299. 05 Sep 2017

    Met "Chapet-daan" Hanuman, on my little hike today! (Note the raised hand!) Gotta say, I like his vibe! Mainly because there's a

  300. 05 Sep 2017

    Hike! Knackered, but happy. Swipe left for the payoff! Totally worth the climb.

  301. 05 Sep 2017


  302. 06 Sep 2017

    Two suns, one setting, the other rising. Disappearing slowly into one another, as I set my coffee down on a piece of sky. Bit mu

  303. 08 Sep 2017

    If you couldn't make it to the auditions, or didn't make it through the auditions, here's your second shot! Upload your video at

  304. 14 Sep 2017

    Since 2003, this one.

  305. 20 Sep 2017

    #Faith 2.0

  306. 20 Sep 2017


  307. 21 Sep 2017

    Discuss. Does any of you believe this? Cuz if so, I have a great plot of land on Krypton, that I'd like to sell you.

  308. 21 Sep 2017

    Calm your typhoons, everyone, and get back to work! Who has days to waste, like this?

  309. 22 Sep 2017

    Thank you All! This record is yours! Hugs for everyone! :) Keep on dancing! #NasheSiChadhGayi

  310. 22 Sep 2017

    Don't drink and drive. It's not just dangerous, it's also expensive!

  311. 23 Sep 2017

    मल्हार song (composed by Suraj-Dhiraj) दणदणीत प्रतिसाद, तुमच्या सगळ्यांचे भरभरून प्रेम !!! मनापासून धन्यवाद ! Big Love! #जयमल्ह

  312. 26 Sep 2017

    Bombay welcome. Bleurgh.

  313. 27 Sep 2017

    Dead Man Talking. #TheStage3 , Day 1. (Exhaustion apart, it blows my mind, how much talent we have in India!)

  314. 28 Sep 2017

    We're BAAACK!! #TheStage3 shot it's first day of in-studio auditions yesterday, and I haven't been able to stop talking about th

  315. 29 Sep 2017

    Badly-planned, thoughtless construction is NOT development! #SaveAarey #StopKillingAarey #MetroGoUnderground

  316. 30 Sep 2017

    I'll be moderating a panel on "Setting the Manifesto for a Millenial Mumbai", at @incaindia , this Sunday. Come on out. The pan

  317. 01 Oct 2017

    Most effective Mudras (hand-shapes) for global peace and understanding. Let there be love, and let those who see the truth, spea

  318. 03 Oct 2017

    Goodbye, #TomPetty. First the #LasVegasShootings & now the loss of one of the greatest songwriters/musicians on earth. It's bee

  319. 03 Oct 2017

    Guess they're called vanity vans, 'cuz all one can really do to pass the time, is take dumbass selfies. Tech-break at #TheStage

  320. 03 Oct 2017

    Idiot-mode, ACTIVATE! #TheStage3

  321. 04 Oct 2017

    Tweeted by @tompettyofficial 's own handle. Tragic loss to music.

  322. 06 Oct 2017

    For those with Restaurant-dreams, #Grilled, @riyaazamlani & @foxlife_india are gonna make them come true, along with @sarahtodd

  323. 07 Oct 2017

    #TheStage3 starts tomorrow night, 8pm, on @colorsinfinitytv ! Incredible stories, unbelievable talent, from all over India. Can'

  324. 08 Oct 2017

    Check this out, @monicadogra @devsanyal @ehsaan @shibanidandekar @colorsinfinitytv ! #TheStage3 getting some fan-art-love! :)

  325. 13 Oct 2017

    The good people at @filaindia sent me these beauties, a few days ago. Wearing them on a long flight, and my feet are pretty damn

  326. 14 Oct 2017

    Almost ready to get on stage in HongKong. Jacket? No Jacket? What do you reckon? I'm kinda split down the middle. #VishalandShek

  327. 15 Oct 2017

    Yo @funkthem @shirazbhattacharya @papalpenta did you guys know these exist? @pentagramindia T's in bright blue! New one on me! B

  328. 15 Oct 2017

    Not a bad view to wake up to! #Hongkong, it's been too long. The next time, I'll stay a few days.

  329. 17 Oct 2017

    Hope you're watching #Grilled on @foxlife_india right NOW! If you miss it, catch @riyaazamlani @sarahtodd and yours truly talk

  330. 21 Oct 2017

    #KhullamKhulla Shh. Stay silent. Do nothing. Keep your head bowed. A slave has no right to ask questions.

  331. 21 Oct 2017


  332. 21 Oct 2017

    @pentagramindia at NH7 Pune, in 2013.

  333. 23 Oct 2017

    #NoFilter , #ISwear.

  334. 23 Oct 2017

    DO NOT MISS !! #Spoken2017 at @jiogarden Mumbai, next weekend. Coolest thing that's happened in Mumbai in a long time! @roshan19

  335. 27 Oct 2017

    We need more films like this one!! Half way in, and I can't wait to get back to the movie! @riteishd #FasterFene #FaFe27October

  336. 27 Oct 2017

    BE that little girl! #realrockers

  337. 28 Oct 2017

    Lies are stranger than fiction!

  338. 29 Oct 2017

    Who's who, and what's what.

  339. 30 Oct 2017

    Wishing all the fires of hell upon the person who came up with early morning flights. En route to @antaragni_iitk . Goa-Mumbai-L

  340. 31 Oct 2017

    Nothing gives me more joy than being on stage. Truth. (Last night, #VishalandShekharLIVE at IIT-Kanpur.)

  341. 31 Oct 2017

    Can't get over how beautiful you were last night @antaragni_iitk ! Thanks for having us back, thanks for being so unadulteratedl

  342. 03 Nov 2017

    Is it a Rs. 3600Cr statue? Is it a traffic-policeman on VIP-bandobast duty? No! It's......Armpit-Man! His superpower is his abi

  343. 04 Nov 2017

    The wait will kill you.

  344. 04 Nov 2017

    Still wishing pain upon the person who came up with the bright idea of early-morning flights. Crazy 3-hour show at @bitspilanip

  345. 05 Nov 2017

    If you're confused about #Aadhaar because of the threats your banks and mobile companies have been Sending, please read, screen-

  346. 06 Nov 2017

    Lost these shades! Left them in Room 3000 in the @crowneplaza in Gurgaon, and they can't find them! Heartbroken!

  347. 07 Nov 2017

    Shooting #TheStage3 with these lovelies! @shibanidandekar of course, is too magical to pose with us! ;)

  348. 08 Nov 2017

    This was #VishalAndShekharLive at @bitspilanipilanicampus on the 2nd. Glorious!!

  349. 09 Nov 2017

    It's been 10 years since "Om Shanti Om" came out. @farahkhankunder , I love you from the depths of my heart! Thanks to you & @ia

  350. 09 Nov 2017

    I thought I'd written something cool, and then this dude proved me right, by choke-slamming me into the ground! Laughed so hard!

  351. 09 Nov 2017


  352. 14 Nov 2017

    "I hear sirens! Quick, pass me that fire-extinguisher, please." From #VishalandShekharLIVE at @bitspilani_goa. Picture by @rish_

  353. 14 Nov 2017

    Logic and reasoning always threaten the ignorant and the insecure, so I'm really looking forward to the comments section of this

  354. 16 Nov 2017

    For the 50th year of the Levi's Trucker jacket, @levis_in popped me into a rather elite list of 50 artists from across the world

  355. 16 Nov 2017

    So you know.

  356. 18 Nov 2017

    Legends, all! @levis_in this is nuts! Thanks for doing it, and making me part of it!

  357. 18 Nov 2017

    Straight up. Don't buy the bullshit. Petrol, LPG, food prices, jobs. Those realities are more crucial than any projections or nu

  358. 20 Nov 2017

    Hey, Indian Media. If you're done giving free publicity to lunatics, can we have a #ChaiPeCharcha about #RafalePeKharcha ? India

  359. 20 Nov 2017

    Double the shine!

  360. 20 Nov 2017

    Blank verse for the blankety-blanks.

  361. 20 Nov 2017

    Finally, after all the waiting, we have a release-date! Ab, Tuesday ko #SwagSeSwagat karenge. #TigerZindaHai @aliabbaszafar @bei

  362. 20 Nov 2017

    Had the genuine honour of sharing the stage with truly incredible musicians like Uday Benegal , Tejas Menon, Shazneen Arethna, A

  363. 22 Nov 2017

    14 hours, 10 Million views. That's gotta be a record! Thank you for all the love! #SwagSeSwagat #TigerZindaHai @beingsalmankhan

  364. 22 Nov 2017

    It's rude to point! ;) From #VishalandShekharLIVE in Ahmedabad. Picture by @karanghoda

  365. 22 Nov 2017

    From the @blackstratblues / @levis_in gig in Mumbai on the 17th.