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  1. 07 Aug 2016

    How excited are we! This just got delivered!!!! #harrypotter #harrypotterandthecursedchild #sherlock

  2. 07 Aug 2016

    Seedhe point pe aao na!

  3. 07 Aug 2016

    It's yes or no, good or bad, black or white. Keeping it simple. Always:)

  4. 07 Aug 2016

    Sydney Australia!! We are coming soooon :)

  5. 07 Aug 2016

    New Zealand! Are we ready!

  6. 07 Aug 2016

    Throwback from my English Summer holidays, in that pretty countryside garden of the cottage I was staying in.. Hmmm

  7. 07 Aug 2016

    #TomarKiNaam This song is so so interesting! Hope you heard it! Audio released at 6pm today.. Check it out! @pratimdgupta @aroyf

  8. 07 Aug 2016

    Prismatic day!! @jillsanghvi @amarpatwardhan @shiladitya #brunch with #bff #prisma

  9. 07 Aug 2016

    A sunny day, a beautiful park, and the perfect breeze.. #throwback Remembering the holidays:):)

  10. 07 Aug 2016

    Saruman may be living here.. Crazy mountains.. #throwback #scotland #oldmanofstorr #oldmanofstorrhike

  11. 08 Aug 2016

    Happy Bday Dear Baba!! We all had a fantabulous evening! We all love you!!

  12. 19 Aug 2016

    Just landed in Middle Earth!!! #lordoftherings #newzealand #wellington

  13. 23 Aug 2016

    Backstage moments.. The few minutes of calm before the storm:)

  14. 26 Aug 2016

    USA!! We are coming! Starting 27th September it's going to be one joy ride hopping cities and performing for the coolest audienc

  15. 29 Aug 2016

    Don't angry me! My hair goes pink!

  16. 31 Aug 2016

    Such a beautiful moment captured:)

  17. 01 Sep 2016

    Inside the Space Shuttle Independence/Explorer.. Full on nerdy moments happening!

  18. 01 Sep 2016

    That room that witnessed so many milestones in history that too with such limited technology back in 1960s!Absolutely Incredible

  19. 01 Sep 2016

    Music completely overpowers me. Love it when I can experience it with my live audience.. Houston Toronto Sacramento Indianapolis

  20. 04 Sep 2016

    What's up

  21. 05 Sep 2016

    48 hours without any sleep!! Eyes hurting

  22. 05 Sep 2016

    Such joy to meet my fraaand, my lou!!! Some backstage masti with @thesoothsayerdiaries in Toronto

  23. 12 Sep 2016

  24. 12 Sep 2016

    I am playing at a theatre tonight which has so much history going on! I am surrounded by the presence of these legends on the gr

  25. 15 Sep 2016

    The view from the stage of this beautiful grand gorgeous theatre I performed at in this tour. #throwback #foxtheatre #stloius

  26. 15 Sep 2016

    Being Goofy!! What a fun US Canada tour this was! My band and me got so much love:):) thank you:).)

  27. 15 Sep 2016

    #home #baby #brightmornings #myverandah #happiness #mumbai

  28. 22 Sep 2016

    Arrived in #leh, got welcomed by these beautiful ladies:) Can't wait to explore a little bit of the beautiful Ladakh before perf

  29. 23 Sep 2016

    A beautiful Ladakhi woman spinning yak wool in the streets of Leh market. #ladakh #leh #simplicity #beauty

  30. 23 Sep 2016

    Colours of #ladakh #leh #prayerflags

  31. 23 Sep 2016

    Good morning from #leh

  32. 24 Sep 2016

    What a once in a lifetime experience! Singing at the #naropafestival in a freezing windy venue, amidst snow capped mountains in

  33. 24 Sep 2016

    Arid, all shades of brown, and then glimpses of white snow capped mountains, and hints of green when in the valley, around the #

  34. 24 Sep 2016

    Flying over these mountains.. What unique formations.. #ladakh #himalayancanvas

  35. 24 Sep 2016

    A place where I felt Nature, God, spirituality and humanity. #ladakhdiaries #shantistupa #leh

  36. 24 Sep 2016

    Colours look so vivid and vibrant in Ladakh. Felt utmost peace at the #shantistupa Air was pure the prayers were flowing in the

  37. 29 Sep 2016

    #ladakhdiaries Clicked by my new friend from #leh Thank you @sonamstobgais

  38. 03 Oct 2016


  39. 03 Oct 2016

    Danger! #phoolaurkantein

  40. 03 Oct 2016

    Spoils from the walk in the hills. Kite feather and these very interesting looking wild flowers..

  41. 03 Oct 2016

    Spending the weekend in the lush green sahayadris.. #monsoons seem to never ending this time.

  42. 06 Oct 2016

    This is how it looks over my Piano at 4am

  43. 11 Oct 2016

    What pleasure recording for this genius! @immancomposer Another beautiful track cooking up:):)

  44. 11 Oct 2016

    It's coming soon! #InConversationWith So excited! Our project, our labour of love. I am so honoured to be part of this album.. P

  45. 14 Oct 2016

    #Prisma A still from the Singapore gig:)

  46. 16 Oct 2016

    #Aalpona (Bengali Rangoli) and my baby #sherlock watching over.. Love #beingbong

  47. 19 Oct 2016

    And the day has arrived:):) And for all of you we go live at 3pm so you can watch the launch and us singing a few songs of #inco

  48. 21 Oct 2016

    Throwback! Love being in my comfort zone with ppl who are my friends.. Whichever generation they belong to!:)

  49. 22 Oct 2016

    Wow just got to know that our non film album #inconversation #gulzarinconversationwithtagore is ruling at No.1 on iTunes Charts!

  50. 22 Oct 2016

    All set for the night! #Dubai #giglife

  51. 29 Oct 2016

    Now that gives a good feeling.. Never thought so much love would be showered on this effort of ours. Gives us assurance that we

  52. 01 Nov 2016

    Happy Diwali everyone. This is how I got to spend mine. No pollution no cracker sounds. Pure Nature. Spent the night under the s

  53. 03 Nov 2016

    Laying around on the beaches without any phone data, disconnected from the world for the whole of three days! I liked it. I want

  54. 03 Nov 2016

    Meet the adorable #Frodo. The 12yr old cutie at #Havelock Island. #goldenretriever

  55. 04 Nov 2016

    This incognito mode worked! I was a free bird with a topi chashma and scarf. Heeeheee.. #freedom #BeingMe

  56. 10 Nov 2016

    My sunshine #sherlock

  57. 17 Nov 2016

    Between songs and sessions..

  58. 20 Nov 2016

    Singaar ko rehne do! Pehle Seatbelt lagaao! #safetyfirst

  59. 22 Nov 2016

  60. 24 Nov 2016

    @richamusic Loved meeting you after so long. Love you

  61. 24 Nov 2016

    What a fun evening:) Hearty congratulations @paponmusic on the new album #thestorynow absolutely beautiful songs.

  62. 01 Dec 2016

    A fun jam session, on the MTV unplugged stage. The gang!

  63. 06 Dec 2016

    'Momma! U feeling sick? How can I make you ok!' This face makes everything perfect and happy

  64. 17 Dec 2016

    I am me when I sing..

  65. 23 Dec 2016

    Kolkata winters are so pleasant:) chilling on this beautiful terrace:) Thank you @hyattregencykolkata for your wonderful hospita

  66. 24 Dec 2016

    Enjoyed singing for you Kolkata! The entire audience was singing along pitch perfect! Kya baat hai!

  67. 24 Dec 2016

    What a crazy musical Adda/Jamming/Dinner happened last night! #Srikanto da @joythejoyous @srijatobandyopadhyay #Lopamudra di #Du

  68. 29 Dec 2016

    Off to New York for the New Years!! Finally its time to 'chill' (literally) brrrr with @shiladitya

  69. 01 Jan 2017

    Happy New Year 2017 to all!! @sghoshal7 @shiladitya

  70. 04 Jan 2017

    My new year could not have had a better start @sghoshal7 #siblinglove #brotherandsister #bff #travelbuddies

  71. 06 Jan 2017

    How often do we find a black beach with huge chunks of ice of all shapes and sizes scattered all over. #myfrozenmoment #frozen #

  72. 08 Jan 2017

    Found my cozy couch in the glacier.. #iceland #frozen #glaciernationalpark #glacierhike #vatnajökull

  73. 08 Jan 2017

    I hiked on frozen #vatnajokull #virkisjökull #glacier #skaftafell #glaciernationalpark #glacierhike #iceland

  74. 12 Jan 2017

    A beautiful start to 2017! Many from my bucket list ticked off! #NewYearsEve in #NYC, dancing under the #northernlights #aurorab

  75. 16 Jan 2017

    Quick backstage selfie when no one is looking ;)

  76. 29 Jan 2017

    Puppy love..

  77. 06 Feb 2017

    Thank you everyone for your good wishes. Me and @shiladitya feel humbled with the amount of love you have showered on us. Love y

  78. 08 Feb 2017

    I am always a learner, a student, restless to explore and understand anything and everything. This thirst is what keeps me going

  79. 12 Feb 2017

    Crashed on the hotel bed. Sooo sleep deprived. Ek 15mins power nap toh banta hai! Then all set for the concert this evening.. #c

  80. 15 Feb 2017

    Happy Valentine's Day.. from @sherlockthefetcher

  81. 20 Feb 2017

    Look who came to my concert today! The beautiful @harshdeepkaurmusic Love this cutie.

  82. 23 Feb 2017

    What a privilege to hear you sing @kaushiki_chakraborty You are a true inspiration. Your fan forever..

  83. 24 Feb 2017

    My super crazy track #AashiqSurrenderHua will be out tomo at 2:30pm

  84. 26 Feb 2017

    The reason for my pretty burgundy hair days:):) @prerna2510 Love you! @madowothair

  85. 27 Feb 2017

    Thank you Ahmedabad for this great evening! In spite of all the hurdles, we could do this concert with all the heartfelt support

  86. 27 Feb 2017

    Such a musical start to the morning in the flight! Waah! But all of us were such sleepyheads

  87. 05 Mar 2017

    #NavdhAneesh Happening!! #rabnebanadijodi ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  88. 05 Mar 2017

    Sundowner party at #NavdhAneesh What a beautiful setup by the sea..

  89. 10 Mar 2017

    The Stage..

  90. 11 Mar 2017

    The spring breeze, the soft sun, and the feels!

  91. 11 Mar 2017

    Airport mornings!!!

  92. 12 Mar 2017

    A location which is so breathtaking that I have forgotten that I am here for a shoot!

  93. 13 Mar 2017

    Thank you for all your wishes. Celebrating my birthday here in this winter wonderland #solangvalley #manali

  94. 15 Mar 2017

    Back to the studio, but the hills of Himachal are still on my mind ❄️❄️❄️

  95. 17 Mar 2017

    Dear fans, I am thrilled to share this piece of news that I am given this unique privilege to be a part of history here at Mada

  96. 19 Mar 2017

    The #Trimurti! Mad fun times with my girls @jillsanghvi @meghaghosh

  97. 25 Mar 2017

    #Mangalore #MITE college #Sentia Last Night was fun!

  98. 01 Apr 2017

    #GoofySG #BeingGuplu When in a flight, wide awake and hyper, these filters are sooooo useful!

  99. 01 Apr 2017

    Missing the cool kullu manali ki vaadiyaan! A snap from the shoot.

  100. 02 Apr 2017

    Red riding hood! Pre gig selfie. :)

  101. 05 Apr 2017

    The Three Musketeers!! Working on a beautiful single with my dear friends. An explosion of laughter gupshup shayri and great mus

  102. 12 Apr 2017

    #Siblingsday My bro my best bud! With you can I can be my goofiest best and never have a worry in the world! @sghoshal7

  103. 17 Apr 2017

    Break time = selfie time = chai time:)

  104. 18 Apr 2017

    My favourite cozy space..

  105. 21 Apr 2017

    This really happened!! A beautiful musical evening with the one and only @sachintendulkar and #anjalitendulkar Their humility is

  106. 23 Apr 2017

    7 Days to go!! The tour begins with UK! #Leeds #London get ready! We all are pumped up❤️❤️❤️ #FirstDirectArena #ssewembleyarena

  107. 26 Apr 2017

    #ThodiDer aur thehar jaa.. Kal tak bas.. Releasing tomorrow #HalfGirlfriend @farhan_saeed @mohitsuri @balajimotionpictures

  108. 27 Apr 2017

    Done with the final rehearsals today! Crazy fun times ahead!! #Leeds #London

  109. 27 Apr 2017

    Intezar ab khatam hua. #ThodiDer #Halfgirlfriend #OutNow Absolutely ❤️ this composition and lyrics.. @farhan_saeed #Kumaar @mohi

  110. 01 May 2017

    Fans like Family. The faces which make me so happy! @instashamma #sgfamily #backstageshenanigans

  111. 01 May 2017

  112. 02 May 2017

    Self Styled, like always:) thank you @tapashyabhola_beauty for doing my hair so beautifully. and @nainabhola for the awesome cli

  113. 03 May 2017

    Music Unifies.

  114. 08 May 2017

    Ecstasy .

  115. 09 May 2017

  116. 12 May 2017

    This guy!! Ahahahaha. He entertained me throughout the concert like how:) #UK #wembleyarena #London #shreyaghoshalliveinconcert

  117. 14 May 2017

    The crazy friends for life! @vishaldadlani1 @shekharravjiani @mandirabedi @imkaranwahi @shiladitya #indianidoljunior #madfriend

  118. 14 May 2017

  119. 15 May 2017


  120. 15 May 2017

    Apna nahi tujhe sukh dukh koyi , Main muskaayi tu muskaayi, main royi tu royi #Ma #HappyMothersDay #EverydayMothersDay

  121. 21 May 2017

    From the sets of #saregamapagrandfinale #zeebangla Extraordinary talent here and what interesting musical concepts..

  122. 22 May 2017

    A soothing white in Kolkata summers.. #zeebangla #saregamapagrandfinale Styled by @who_wore_what_when Outfit - @monikanidhii

  123. 26 May 2017

    Always in awe of his music, persona, his vision. He silently keeps making magic, setting new benchmarks. @arrahman

  124. 02 Jun 2017

  125. 03 Jun 2017

    Ma, me, Dida (Nani) and bhai. Sweet memories of bachpan.

  126. 07 Jun 2017

  127. 09 Jun 2017

    Magic being created amongst the Bombay Strings Section. #tseriesmixtape #comingsoon #onset #allaboutmusic #staytuned

  128. 10 Jun 2017


  129. 13 Jun 2017

  130. 17 Jun 2017

    Singing under the northern lights..#iwish

  131. 22 Jun 2017

    US quick trip. 3 concerts. St Paul Minnesota, Atlantic City and Raleigh..

  132. 25 Jun 2017

    Such a fantastic audience today in #StPaul #Minneapolis. Thank you for the love.

  133. 26 Jun 2017

    When the wait is soooper long before the concert it's time for some self photography:)

  134. 28 Jun 2017

    Going home for now. But this was one super short and sweet US tour, absolutely amazing sell out venues.. Thank you #StPaul #Minn

  135. 29 Jun 2017

  136. 30 Jun 2017

    My fav Tibetan earrings which I bought in Leh Ladakh last year. What a memorable trip it was. I heard from a friend who recently

  137. 04 Jul 2017

    Teaser is out! My single. #DhadkaneAzadHain Link in my bio! @deepakpandit72 @manojmuntashir @seen_by_p

  138. 05 Jul 2017

    Teaser of my debut single #DhadkaneAzadHain is out. Check my official YouTube channel to watch it. Link in my profile bio.

  139. 06 Jul 2017

    When it's soooo cold but you have to smile for the camera. #DhadkaneAzadHain #ShootDiaries #manali #comingsoon

  140. 08 Jul 2017

    I have such talented fans. Love the edits they make and send to me. Thank you Jagavi for this one:) #sgfamily ❤️❤️❤️

  141. 09 Jul 2017


  142. 11 Jul 2017

    Finallly!! The song is out! Watch it now #DhadkaneAzadHain Link in Bio! Hope you like it

  143. 11 Jul 2017

    Today at 11am! Dhadkane will go azad:) countdown begins! #DhadkaneAzadHain

  144. 12 Jul 2017

    Will be live on my Facebook page. At 5:30pm. #DhadkaneAzadHain

  145. 13 Jul 2017

    Grateful to you all for making these 15 years so magical. #15yearsofshreyaghoshal #15yearsofdevdas

  146. 15 Jul 2017

  147. 17 Jul 2017

    The lyric video is out!! Now let's sing along:) #DhadkaneAzadHain #ShreyaGhoshalOfficial

  148. 17 Jul 2017

    Good morning!

  149. 18 Jul 2017

    Catching a break.. It's a super rainy day, don't feel like working at all.

  150. 18 Jul 2017

    Caption this

  151. 21 Jul 2017

    #DhadkaneAzadHain kinda day. Done with some fun media interactions for the day. Now off to recording!

  152. 27 Jul 2017

    US Canada!! I am looking forward to bringing a whole new experience for you this August September. #ShreyaGhoshalLiveWithSymphon