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  1. 07 Aug 2016

    Off to #Hyderabad for the "First ever theatrical premiere of a live music and dance show ... See you there @dsponinsta . . #trav

  2. 07 Aug 2016

    Whatever I do, I always give it my best after all.. Life is a play it's not it's length, but the performance that counts . . . .

  3. 07 Aug 2016

    If growing up feels n look this good. Hell am glad. #loveyourself

  4. 07 Aug 2016

    No #flashbackfriday .. Today I close the door to the past .. open the door to the future .... The only time you should ever look

  5. 07 Aug 2016

    The light was so perfect in my new blue room. Had to capture a selfie. #nohashtag

  6. 07 Aug 2016

    What you looking at? Just incase you missed me.

  7. 07 Aug 2016

    Detailing. A tad bit of clean eating and whoa results get better. #fitissexy #fitfam #fitsporation #bodyismytemple

  8. 07 Aug 2016

    Thank you to all of you for being a part of my journey .. it's been filled with challenges ..... But also a lot of love and adul

  9. 07 Aug 2016

    Sunday dinner date with self. Some salad,tomatoe brown rice,parsi mint tea,cinnamon candles and rains. Wahji. #healthyfood #fit

  10. 07 Aug 2016

    We all have our fan moments. Al i wanted to do was break into a dance with him to 'Mukala mukabula laila'. Master #prabhudeva

  11. 07 Aug 2016

    Vibes last at the dolby launch of #dsplive. Was so nostalgic to watch the USA Tour on the big screen with stalwarts of Telugu In

  12. 08 Aug 2016

    We break and make everyday. Love starts from self... #loveyourself #selflove #retro #vintagegirl #vintagevibes #style

  13. 09 Aug 2016

    #vintagegirl #flaredjeans

  14. 09 Aug 2016

    My fav birthday girl. 6 already. Say hello to Kimaya #bdaygirl #babydoll

  15. 10 Aug 2016

    Recording Mode On! Its so much fun to sing in #telugu #musicdiaries #recording #telugusong #workmode #recordingstudio #inthes

  16. 10 Aug 2016

    My Telugu fans big news coming up. #staytuned #newsong #telugusong #tollywood #musicdiaries

  17. 10 Aug 2016

    #IWearHandloom Supporting Smriti Irani's Campaign. I loved my saree in #Madhaniya by @priyachhabriadesigns I would like tag my

  18. 10 Aug 2016

    Throwback to #Neerja promotions. Thanks for whoever took this. #bollywood #nehabhasin #fashionbloggers

  19. 12 Aug 2016

    Shortlisting contestants for @92.7bigfm presents Benadryl #BigGoldenVoice Season 4 along with #RJDilip. Catch me tomorrow durin

  20. 12 Aug 2016

    Found this cute kitty accessory on my recent trip to Japan. Only @shibuya109 can make such a cute add-on. #kittyaccessory #shoep

  21. 12 Aug 2016

    Another gem with this superstar @dsponinsta for #JrNTR and @samanthaprabhu00 #janathagarage #ntr #dsp #TeluguCinema #Telugu #Hy

  22. 13 Aug 2016

    Another good day lived well. I feel blessed to be able to live my life so full and beautiful. I never wanna be jaded or not feel

  23. 13 Aug 2016

    All set to attend the #janathagarage audio launch #ntr #dsp #TeluguCinema #Hyderabad #FilmMusic #OST #Fashionista #Fashiondiar

  24. 13 Aug 2016

    A smile is a girl's sweetest weapon ❤ Gotta love my cool braids. #braids #braidedhair #fashionblogger #stylefile

  25. 13 Aug 2016

    Ready to judge today's @92.7bigfm presents Benadryl ‪#BigGoldenVoice‬ Season 4 at Infinity Mall - Malad. Outfit : @madison_onpe

  26. 14 Aug 2016

    Congrats to Rupali for winning the Mumbai finals. Tune into @92.7bigfm to know who will win #benadrylbiggoldenvoice season 4. #

  27. 14 Aug 2016

    Thanks @who_wore_what_when for making me look so yummy yesterday. 'All eyes on us'

  28. 15 Aug 2016

    #braids #hairobsession

  29. 16 Aug 2016

    Freedom comes with great responsibility. Be a good citizen and be kind #IndependenceDay #proudIndian #indian #India #freedom

  30. 17 Aug 2016

    True Beauty comes from within its never about outer appearances.. Keep a clean heart .. appreciate everyone .. be grateful #neha

  31. 18 Aug 2016

    All set for the #Aankhen2 Launch Event. Outfit Credits : Top - @dollyjstudio Skirt - @shwetaputhranlabel Jewellery - @jet_gem

  32. 18 Aug 2016

    Stories from an eventful evening .. Article in the #HyderabadTimes #JanathaGarage #ntr #dsp #hyderabad #musicislove #nehabhasin

  33. 19 Aug 2016

    Thank u pranay ❤❤❤ @Regrann from @who_wore_what_when - @nehabhasin4u rocking this @dollyjstudio top and @shwetaputhranlabel ski

  34. 19 Aug 2016

    Happy Rakshabandhan. @anubhav_bhasinn you are one person who can annoy the wits outvofvme and melt my heart to pulp all in a few

  35. 19 Aug 2016

    Honoured to be a part of #aankhien 2. I have sung the title track for @meet_bros_manmeet and @harmeet_meetbros.Was lovely to be

  36. 20 Aug 2016

    Take a bow Sakshi Malik, P V Sindhu and Aditi Ashok. Thank you all for making India proud. #rio2016 #rioolympics #sakshimalik

  37. 20 Aug 2016

    When you know your highlight is not just on fleek but ready to burn them jealous eyes ;))) #motd #glowkit #anastasiabeverlyhills

  38. 21 Aug 2016

    #smile because nothing else matters.

  39. 21 Aug 2016


  40. 22 Aug 2016

    Mini me. #loveher

  41. 23 Aug 2016

    My latest article in Times Of India - Hyderabad #nehabhasin #applebeauty #musicislove #fashionista #fashiondiaries #hyderabadtim

  42. 24 Aug 2016

    Rise above Hate , when someone tries to bring you down it only means you are above them #riseandshine #fitness #black #performer

  43. 25 Aug 2016

    When you have so much to look forward to there is no reason to look back.. work hard and make it happen, your future is as brigh

  44. 26 Aug 2016

    ❤❤❤❤ #myhouse

  45. 26 Aug 2016

    #ThrowBackThursday Whatever you do , do it with passion .. The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. #fitness #fashionist

  46. 27 Aug 2016

    Have a Fab Friday #applebottoms #reebok #fitfam #bornthisway #fashion #fashionista #fitness #thinking #longhair

  47. 28 Aug 2016

    You are all endowed with a beautiful body be proud of it.. Stop judging.. Beauty comes in all sizes enjoy it #MermaidThighs #NoT

  48. 29 Aug 2016

    #Naijaana was my dream set. When pages of your life's album are so beautiful. Only words i can utter are thank you god. #vintage

  49. 30 Aug 2016

    Bling finding his spot in the new house. This boy has been my friend my family my child all in one for the past 9 years. We lite

  50. 30 Aug 2016

    Met Ghazal Singer Ghulam Ali sahab at the airport. #Legend .. I am a fan #singer #ghazal #sufi #musicdiaries #fangirl #inspirati

  51. 30 Aug 2016

    "Feels good to begin the day with a Smile Don't be happy just because everything is awesome .. see the awesomeness in everythin

  52. 31 Aug 2016

    The truth is like sunlight you may draw the curtains to keep it out but it's always going to be there always be true to yourself

  53. 01 Sep 2016

    your most precious possession is your body, embrace and love it .. Stay healthy keep fit remember your greatest wealth is health

  54. 02 Sep 2016

    Love this cutie @prachidesai #coffeetime #gossip #loveher

  55. 03 Sep 2016

    When i look out of my room i feel am in heaven..

  56. 03 Sep 2016

    You already have wings all you have to do is fly ... Travel, Wander,Explore, Discover .... ... #travel #traveldiary #discover #w

  57. 04 Sep 2016

    Decided to add more originality to Laung gawacha. You have waited so long Nbees. Thodi der aur .... ... #launggawacha #comingsoo

  58. 05 Sep 2016

    Thank youuuuu @avanidesai for my @ullukepathe chair. I need colour in my fav coffee corner in the kitchen. Love the hand painted

  59. 05 Sep 2016

    When God's all creations are beautiful and flawless then how can you n i be any different ;) #carterroad #mumbai #seaview #beaut

  60. 06 Sep 2016

    I will never tire of seeing the sea It calms my spirit,gives me hope. It's changing tide cements my belief we are all ever chan

  61. 08 Sep 2016

    Elegance is an attitude, Stay classy be you #WednesdayWisdom #beyou #wearyourattitude #fashiondiaries #fitfam #elegance

  62. 09 Sep 2016

    FINALLY on the set of Laung Gawacha @bartvader the director of #Akhkashni is going to weave his magic again today. #folksong #pu

  63. 10 Sep 2016

    Good night

  64. 11 Sep 2016

    When the mighty has fallen! May Ganesha bring sanity to mankind. #ganeshchaturthi

  65. 13 Sep 2016

    Sending my dad in Delhi lot of love and speedy recovery #loveyoudad #family #getwellsoon

  66. 14 Sep 2016

    Fitness is an everyday teacher. The body we abuse,we escape from, we hide,we feel ashamed of,fitness brings you to embrace your

  67. 14 Sep 2016

    Vibes today... Calm and serene #keepcalm #positivevibes #serenity #keepcalmandcarryon #beautifulday #stayfocussed

  68. 16 Sep 2016

    Mumma n baby #lovehim❤️

  69. 16 Sep 2016

    Just chilling a bit #nomakeup #nofilter #homesweethome #smile #bluehairdontcare #happiness #happy #goodvibes

  70. 17 Sep 2016

    Thank god it's Friday ;) #realwomenhavecurves #fitissexy #hourglassfigure

  71. 17 Sep 2016

    Smile cause it's calorie free

  72. 18 Sep 2016

    Current home in progress. Industrial meets vintage. #industrialdecor #vintage #homesweethome

  73. 18 Sep 2016

    'I' a word we often abuse,under use or over use. But I in hindi Swayam is the most important word. Not to be taken as arrogance

  74. 20 Sep 2016

    Another one from a happy day #smile #laugh #live

  75. 22 Sep 2016

  76. 22 Sep 2016

    Sheeshe nu taraed pae gayi #selflove #myreflection #curves #Akhkashni

  77. 24 Sep 2016

    I feel happy to have achieved this body naturally through workouts and healthy eating. Thanks @venancio_official you are the rea

  78. 25 Sep 2016

    Have always dared to live life on my own terms. #liveandletlive #fashion #style

  79. 27 Sep 2016

    #LaungGawacha Coming soon ... #music #genre #song #songs #melody #nbees #love #rap #dubstep #instagood #beat #beats #jam #myjam

  80. 27 Sep 2016

    This photo signifies my love for the real India that lies in the authentic streets and people who live on it of My India. It's i

  81. 28 Sep 2016

    Guess who

  82. 28 Sep 2016

    Getting ready to shoot, humming this song always makes me smile #launggawacha #music #genre #song #songs #melody #indianmusic

  83. 29 Sep 2016

    Always dancing around. #style #vintage #retrofashion #fashion

  84. 01 Oct 2016

    Shoot Diaries ... Any Guesses which song ? Hint - #comingsoon ... #song #music #lyrics #singing #singer #me #instamusic #instag

  85. 03 Oct 2016

    Love these 2 cuties. And #LaungGawacha song is out on @saavn tomorrow. #punjabisong #folkmusic

  86. 03 Oct 2016

    ;) #indian #handpainted

  87. 03 Oct 2016

    We are the Bhasins. #lovemyfamily

  88. 03 Oct 2016

    A hand printed Sari with a beautiful retro blouse and organza poof sleeves. #saree #sari

  89. 04 Oct 2016

    Thank you @middayindia for the feature. #StayTuned for the 'Laung Gawacha' video releasing tomorrow on Facebook! #Nbess Catch

  90. 05 Oct 2016

    Yessss over 50k views and 500 shares. All organic on Facebook. You guys are making me soooo happy #nbees #LaungGawacha #folkmus

  91. 05 Oct 2016

    Was fun interacting with you @thedhanveer. ... Tune in to @92.7bigfm at 5 to listen to #launggawacha exclusively and also some #

  92. 06 Oct 2016

    Laung gawacha on Youtube now. Log in and search Neha Bhasin. Enjoy. #LaungGawacha #punjabisong #nehabhasin

  93. 07 Oct 2016

    I absolutely love my victorian doll like look with undertones of Goth inspired by my trip to Japan. My videos are all about my t

  94. 07 Oct 2016

    Watch #LaungGawacha now on #Youtube.. #linkinthebio ... ... #folk #music #indie #acoustic #folkmusic #livemusic #singersongwrite

  95. 08 Oct 2016

    Always fun with u @sunandaw #friends

  96. 08 Oct 2016

    My shoe rack is clearly bigger than #instagram can handle hence #instasize .. #shoegirl #shoes #shoestagram #shoeporn #fashionbl

  97. 08 Oct 2016

    Gothic yet feminine #LaungGawacha #fashion #style #japanese #fashionbloggers

  98. 09 Oct 2016

    Sunset,dosti,chai aur gupshup @bhavna.kher #loveyou @avanidesai i love yu too

  99. 09 Oct 2016

    Vibes today

  100. 09 Oct 2016

    Good morning..

  101. 10 Oct 2016

    There is always something to be thankful for, today I just wanted to take a moment and appreciate these ladies for the love they

  102. 11 Oct 2016

    Unfiltered,untouched #LaungGawacha #folkmusic #punjabisong #punjabimusic #silverhair #pastelhair #fashionbloggers

  103. 12 Oct 2016

    My home is sweet nah.. ;) #homesweethome

  104. 12 Oct 2016

    Happy Dussera .. On this Auspicious day want to thank you for more than half a million views on Facebook and numerous shares. Yo

  105. 13 Oct 2016

    Cannot fit the mirror on insta but this is a beauty #vanitymirror

  106. 13 Oct 2016

    Dream walk in closet Room in progress. Designed by me. It's every girl's dream. And it has been a lot of work to get this done ;

  107. 14 Oct 2016

    The unfiltered me #nomakeup

  108. 16 Oct 2016

    Feeling sexy is not a crime

  109. 16 Oct 2016

    Since you all showered so much love on Laung Gawacha it's time to give back! Record your best version of #LaungGawacha, submit

  110. 17 Oct 2016

    My best is yet to come. This ones going to Sexy

  111. 18 Oct 2016

    Fun times with Bff @avanidesai #rome #italy

  112. 18 Oct 2016

    Off to Italy forca well deserved long Holiday. My attire is from @puma #rihannapuma Love it. Super comfy n stylish. Not to miss

  113. 19 Oct 2016

  114. 19 Oct 2016

    #LaungGawacha keep singing keep tagging .... #contest #giveaway #win #repost #winner #instacontest #music #song #singer #musicia

  115. 19 Oct 2016

    Cycle tours are my fav in any city. Best way to discover history and charm #rome #italy #traveldiaries

  116. 20 Oct 2016

    Dreams are meant to lived. #italy #rome

  117. 21 Oct 2016

    Winters are charming #fashionista #rome

  118. 21 Oct 2016

    What you looking at

  119. 21 Oct 2016

    #sisters @bhasinrashi #rome #spanishsteps

  120. 22 Oct 2016

    About last night. Girls take over Rome. #girlsjustwannahavefun #fashionista

  121. 22 Oct 2016

    Walk like you mean it ;) #rome

  122. 22 Oct 2016

    Hi guys, thank you for sending in your #LaungGawacha singing videos! Winners will be announced soon so stay tuned #Nbees ... #

  123. 23 Oct 2016

    Dressing up is a way of life! ..... ... #fitfam #fashiondiaries #styletoday #StyleFile #fashiondiaries #latesttrends #fashionist

  124. 25 Oct 2016

    Mirror Mirror on the wall.... .... #instadiary #fashionista #fashiondiaries #rome #travel #picoftheday #click #italy

  125. 26 Oct 2016

    Under the tuscan sky i will find you ;)

  126. 27 Oct 2016

    In deep thoughts ... ... #life #love #inspiration #thinking #positive #mind #wisdom #thoughtoftheday #motivation #morning #just

  127. 28 Oct 2016

    Love my new sunnies. I love cat styles.. #marcjacobs #katespade #fashionista #venice #italy

  128. 28 Oct 2016

    Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. ... #elegance #fashion #beauty #classic #glamour #fashionista #instafashion #tim

  129. 28 Oct 2016

    Just ... #travel #traveldiary #traveller #lovemylife #venice #italy #nature

  130. 29 Oct 2016

    Murano island. #venice #italy #fashionista #style #fashionblogger #traveldiaries

  131. 29 Oct 2016

  132. 30 Oct 2016

    Chilling with my boo @avanidesai #cinqueterre is stunning. Feeling so relaxed. #bestfriends #italy #godsbeauty

  133. 30 Oct 2016

    Cinque terre #manarola island. .... #traveldiary #instastory #italy #lovemylife #explorer #nature #beautifulday #beautiful

  134. 31 Oct 2016

    Happy Diwali from Italy. I have some big news to share with my fans tomorrow ;) #happyDiwali #Diwali #wishes #stayblessed #fashi

  135. 01 Nov 2016

    #justmarried #tuscanny When your man loves you just as you are you know life is good @zookthespook

  136. 01 Nov 2016

    Dear Nbees i am so thrilled to tell you i married my best friend and the love of my life on 23rd oct in Tuscanny.

  137. 02 Nov 2016

    ;) #indianbride #mymom #sharara

  138. 02 Nov 2016

    Zipping up the bride. #whiteweddings #tuscanny #bride Gown: @tanieyakhanuja Photography: @burnpixelswedding

  139. 03 Nov 2016

    My wedding was a day of pure love. It was just us,people we love,god and nature. His line i will never change you or control u b

  140. 03 Nov 2016

    After a long and tough hike i looked fit well after that all the pizza and pasta i have been stuffing sigh

  141. 03 Nov 2016

    Time to say bye to #cinqueterre paradise on earth. Milan see yu. #italy #manarola #traveldiaries #fun

  142. 04 Nov 2016

    #Milan fashion is breathtaking. God save me n my bank balance plz #italy #fashioncapital #milano

  143. 04 Nov 2016

    Thank u @houseofelliotlaceboots for these lovely handmade lace boots. Could'nt thank u enough for them. .. #boots #fashionista #

  144. 05 Nov 2016

    My hen night was surely wild. @avanidesai @sunandaw @aahutee @bhasinrashi

  145. 05 Nov 2016

    I like my footwear served on a platter. #lovemilano #italy #shoeporn #traveldiaries #fashionbloggers

  146. 05 Nov 2016

    Could totally live in #Milan. The air, fashion, people all so likable. ... #fashion #style #stylish #socialenvy #photooftheday #

  147. 05 Nov 2016

    Dreams are those which are supported by those we love. #dreams #whiteweddings #tuscanny #tanieyakhanuja

  148. 06 Nov 2016

    New additions @ferragamo ... #fashiondiaries #fashionista #fashion #fitfam #styletoday #style #instastyle #dress #instagood #Mil

  149. 06 Nov 2016

    To infinity and beyond .... #travel #vacation #visiting #instapassport #tourist #mytravelgram #socialenvy #stylish #instagood #w

  150. 07 Nov 2016

    The one man that every little girl looks upto. ❤❤❤❤ #dad i lovingly call him pops

  151. 07 Nov 2016

    All my life i struggled to find happiness till i realised life itself is happiness. Today i smile from within. Have a great mor

  152. 08 Nov 2016

    Ciao milan. Where am i off to next? Any guesses. #globalcitizen #traveldiaries #traveller #italy #fashionista #style #stayhappy

  153. 08 Nov 2016

    Thank you guys for participating in my #LaungGawacha contest And the winners are - Tamal Bhowmick @elibellychinu

  154. 09 Nov 2016

    Needs no filter or a caption. #traveldiaries #stmoritz #alps #swissalps

  155. 09 Nov 2016

    I chose a classic pakistani style sharara designed by my talented friend Shivani cherian. And you know pink is my colour

  156. 09 Nov 2016

    Have never ever woken up to a sight this beautiful.. Oh this world is so beautiful and the wonders of nature so exquisite. #stmo

  157. 10 Nov 2016

    Thank you @ambrosiashines for your stunning vintage jewellery to match my look perfectly.. #indianbride #vintage #classicfashion

  158. 11 Nov 2016

    My pretty little angels #lovethem #flowergirl #ringbearer #dreamwedding #whiteweddings #italy

  159. 11 Nov 2016

    Reflections! #traveldiaries ..... #travel #explorer #instatravel #italy #traveltheworld #lovemylife

  160. 13 Nov 2016

    Beating the cold in #paris is style. Time to discover the city everyone loves. #france #traveldiaries #fashionista #style ......

  161. 13 Nov 2016

    #paris ❤ #fashionista #traveldiaries ...... ....

  162. 14 Nov 2016

    Detective #nehabhasin Ladies loving my new moschino bag and when its made in Milan its even more delicious. #fashionista #mosch

  163. 15 Nov 2016

    French Cabaret #moulinrouge #paris ..... .....

  164. 16 Nov 2016


  165. 16 Nov 2016

    Had a mesmerising experience of listening to #joycedidonato perform opera at #palaisgarnier. This hall was built in 1875 and ree

  166. 18 Nov 2016

    Only if i were born in a different era. My heart is vintage. #vintage #fashioninspiration #styleinspo #paris #palaisgarnier #fre

  167. 19 Nov 2016

    Birthday gift for all my fans and friends. Thanks for your wishes. Am a happy b'day girl. #bdaygirl #bdaysuit #novemberbaby #sco

  168. 20 Nov 2016

    Met this cutie yesterday. All he wants is a long walk in the cold. Awwwwwwww. #doglover #amsterdam #instaphoto #photooftheday

  169. 20 Nov 2016

    The night ended well. It's new day, a new dawn time to make new memories. Have a great day. Photo: @zookthespook #queen #Nbee #a

  170. 20 Nov 2016

    A perfect end to a memorable bday. I feel like a queen who finally got treated like one

  171. 21 Nov 2016

    Postcard lighting in Amsterdam. It's cold and rainy but sun peeks through the clouds every now and then. Photo: @zookthespook #a

  172. 22 Nov 2016

    Flying back homd tonight. This fairytale will be safely tucked in my memory forever. I feel like i lived many lifetimes this pas

  173. 22 Nov 2016

    There is so much to see in this world. The beauty of our mother eartg bewilders me. #stmoritz #swissalps #switzerland #europe #

  174. 23 Nov 2016

    We r both happy to be back in studio. Mixing my next release. Yipeeeee. #punjabisong #music

  175. 23 Nov 2016

    Just coz it's an image worth sharing. Ps: am happyyyyy to be back. #instastyle #instaphoto #freefromfur #fashionpost #fashionis

  176. 23 Nov 2016

    Unfiltered love. I missed my Bling Bling .... #lhasaapso #dog #puppy #pet #dogsofinstagram #instadog #ilovemydog #happy #adorabl

  177. 24 Nov 2016

    Sun's making me happy. After the cold cold vacation. #mumbai #lovemycity #india

  178. 24 Nov 2016

    Me and myself.. (#amsterdam) I slept for 12 hours. Phew. Happy to be home. Happy to see sun. Hear the noise. Meet my friends n f

  179. 25 Nov 2016

    Yes i did jump in that ice cold water #cinqueterre #italy #holidaygram #instapic #beaches #traveldiaries

  180. 26 Nov 2016

    Love you motu and miss you. You are the light in my life. The best travel partner and you are so light headed and perfect in so

  181. 29 Nov 2016

    Bring it on.. #onstage #musicislife #concert #showtime #stagediaries

  182. 30 Nov 2016

    Limited edition #glam night. #oxbloodlips #fitfam #cruisenight #amsterdamcity

  183. 30 Nov 2016

    Forever rewind to happiness ... #recording #singer #musicdiaries #naijaana #nehabhasin

  184. 02 Dec 2016

    The perfect vintage holiday in Paris! #vintagelover #paris #traveldairies

  185. 03 Dec 2016

    The sunset never ceases to amaze me. It's hues fill up the sky with hope and gratefulness. I lived another day well. #grateful #

  186. 03 Dec 2016

    Excited to announce my 1st nomination of the season. Screen awards jag ghoomeya #sultan ... #sultanthemovie #screenawards #movie

  187. 04 Dec 2016

    New studio coming up. Yep i blend in with my environment.. it's just me.. #dream #studio #mumbai

  188. 05 Dec 2016

    Loved my @sherrihill gown today at #starscreenawards2016. Fashion is my passion.. good night world.. #bollywood #jagghoomeya #su

  189. 05 Dec 2016

    When a night ends well. #screenawards and then our after party. Nomination was an honour. Love yu @aahutee & @prachidesai #sherr

  190. 05 Dec 2016

    Sundays ❤

  191. 07 Dec 2016


  192. 08 Dec 2016

    Sari is a stunning ensemble. Sexy and feminine. #indianwear

  193. 10 Dec 2016

    Thanks to @minawala_jewellerd for this Stunning polki necklace. Styled by @who_wore_what_when Outfit - @labelmanikasureka Shoe

  194. 10 Dec 2016

    Styled to perfection by my favourite @who_wore_what_when these young boys are taking the industry by storm. Felt like a total in

  195. 12 Dec 2016

    Another performance done with love.. Maruti Manesar u rocked. I bought this lovely ensemble in #japan #fashionista #style #cors

  196. 12 Dec 2016

    Early morning flights

  197. 13 Dec 2016

    Am inspired to wear a lot more indian clothes now days than i ever was

  198. 13 Dec 2016

    ❤ usually am your muse and you click me with your beautiful eyes. But rarely we r both in one frame. Kisses from your Mrs ;) @zo

  199. 13 Dec 2016

    Love to play dress up for my performances. Particularly love Corsets. #japan #fashion #fashionista #style #nehabhasinlive #gigli

  200. 14 Dec 2016

    Had a fantastic interview at punjab kesari in Delhi. Down to earth nice vibe. #punjabkesari #newdelhi

  201. 15 Dec 2016

    Hotness backstage

  202. 19 Dec 2016

    Sunday night

  203. 19 Dec 2016

    Lazy sun filled Sundays. Little joys of life

  204. 20 Dec 2016

    Thank u stardust awards for this. Thank u guys for voting.. #jagghoomeya #sultan

  205. 21 Dec 2016

    Had to share this ❤ Only you could make me wear a lehanga @who_wore_what_when u little cutie pie. #stardustawards #fitgirl #indi

  206. 21 Dec 2016

    Enjoyed the awards in this beautiful look last night. Thank u @who_wore_what_when for styling me. I would have never thought of

  207. 22 Dec 2016

    Love these humans.. Team that eats celebration cakes together wins together. Thank you @media_vantage for being the best managem

  208. 23 Dec 2016

    Big fan of his brilliant art. Had the pleasure of chatting with him at the awards. #rajatkapoor #kapoorandsons #bollywood

  209. 24 Dec 2016

    The angles may enhance our looks but the cracks inside can only be healed by evolution.. #truth

  210. 25 Dec 2016

    Merry christmas folks. Santaclaus is coming to town so you better be nice else you will not get your 'good boy' bone ;) Love Bli

  211. 26 Dec 2016

    Red is the colour of happiness #merrychristmas

  212. 27 Dec 2016

    Fun interview in Indian Express. Reinventing myself is my aspiration. #nehabhasin #indianexpress #india #bollywood

  213. 29 Dec 2016

    Feeling fitter after days. I thank you @venancio_official for inspiring us everyday. You add so much to my life by just being u.

  214. 30 Dec 2016

    Love this cutie..

  215. 31 Dec 2016

    Oh happy days @avanidesai @zookthespook #italy #cinqueterre #bestvacations #bye2016

  216. 01 Jan 2017

    There was a time when the sunrise and the sunset used to hurt. As if waking up was a mundane act and sleeping even more botherso

  217. 02 Jan 2017

    Beautifully captured by @burnpixelswedding at my Sangeet night in Tuscanny. #indianbride #indianpakistanifashion #style #fashion

  218. 05 Jan 2017

    Had a wonderful performance playing all my folk renditions to an enthusiastic audience in Bang kok. Cheers to many more. Full ou

  219. 05 Jan 2017

    Folk performance today in bangkok. Aho #nehabhasin #nehabhasinlive #punjabimusic #punjabifolk

  220. 06 Jan 2017

    Styled to perfection by @who_wore_what_when for my Punjabi folk performance in Bangkok. Outfit @ayinattofficial Heels @louboutin

  221. 07 Jan 2017

    Usually people do pre wedding shoots all planned and dolled up but our sweetest photographer did a series with Bling n i so he c

  222. 07 Jan 2017

    Dearest Avani, you are the joy to my life. I wish u a very happy bday. You are the most beautiful, fun, evolved human i know @av

  223. 10 Jan 2017

    Fun day with The music industry for #mirchimusicawards jury today. I love my #pink #justcavalli booties i bought in #milan #shoe

  224. 11 Jan 2017

    Vibes today #blue

  225. 14 Jan 2017

    Happy lohri ji ❤

  226. 15 Jan 2017

    Enroute @filmfare awards. Love my vintage look.. #fingerwaves #pink #jiofilmfareawards #filmfareawards2017 #saree #indianfashion

  227. 16 Jan 2017

    If only i was born in 1920. Wear fashion like your heart. Open and unapologetic. #bornvintage #vintagefashion #instafashion #fas

  228. 16 Jan 2017

    A big thank you to my friend and talented designer Shivani Cherian for bringing my outrageous vintage personality out on the red

  229. 16 Jan 2017

    Happiness is getting a @filmfare trophy each home. Congrats my man @zookthespook you deserve this and more. The passion with whi

  230. 18 Jan 2017

    A picture speaks a millions words. #vintage

  231. 19 Jan 2017

    That moment #filmfare2017 #jiofilmfareawards #sultan #jagghoomeya

  232. 20 Jan 2017

    Vintage Royalty #vintagefashion #vintage #1950s #1920s #retrohair #indianfashionista #victorian

  233. 20 Jan 2017

    I am @abhijeetsawant73

  234. 21 Jan 2017

    It's impossible untill it's done. Fitness is a lifetime goal. Commit to it. #fitness #squatthighs #xtraining #fitissexy

  235. 24 Jan 2017

    Hello am going live on my facebook page with fever104fm. Performing my songs live. See you on 4pm. Find url in my profile. #neha

  236. 25 Jan 2017

    We do it with style. #fashionista

  237. 25 Jan 2017

    We have reached our first ONE MILLION VIEWS. Thank you to all who have supported. Feeling very grateful. #launggawacha #nehabha

  238. 26 Jan 2017

    Thank u @moochwala for this comfy yummy crop tee. #croptop #easyfashion #versace

  239. 26 Jan 2017

    We slay. Fun session with fever104 airing soon.

  240. 27 Jan 2017

    May India and it's heart forever be brimming with colours of life. Jai hind. #happyrepublicday #ilovemyindia

  241. 28 Jan 2017

    You click my best pictures @zookthespook. This is how pretty our work space is. #studio #shabbychic #florals

  242. 05 Feb 2017

    One + one #nehabhasinlive #bangalore

  243. 06 Feb 2017

    Breezy sunset, high tide, gorgeous sea and bling. Sigh #Mumbai i love you. #mumbaimerijaan #seaview

  244. 06 Feb 2017

    Vibes last night.. Full picture soon. This corset is gorgeous. The goregous uncut diamonds by @Jet_Gems Bangalore u were shinnin

  245. 07 Feb 2017

    Stage is Life #nehabhasinlive

  246. 07 Feb 2017

    Channelling vintage indian vibes Outfit designed by Shivani Cherian Jewellery by Jet Gems. @shivani_cherian @Jet_Gems #indian #

  247. 08 Feb 2017

    Its been a busy season, though i havent been well past few days am counting my blessings. Cyu in Dhaka peeps. #loveyou

  248. 09 Feb 2017

    Coming Soon #nehabhasin #newsong #single #musicvideo

  249. 11 Feb 2017

    My next release #Shudai in association with @mtvindia will be out on this Valentine's day, 14th Feb 2017! #toxiclove #StayTunedN

  250. 11 Feb 2017

    Awesome crowd in #bangladesh. Thanks BAT for a beautiful night. Loved it. #NehaBhasin #nehabhasinlive

  251. 11 Feb 2017

    Hello #Nbees got something exciting for you'll coming up so #staytuned

  252. 11 Feb 2017

    Blast from the past.. One of the major reasons why i am in this Industry today @manishmalhotra05 Was so great seeing u. The pop

  253. 13 Feb 2017

    While we look for miracles everyday The Sun knows it is one. #sunset #alwaysmagical

  254. 13 Feb 2017

    Heyllo peeps come on my FB pg lets do a sunday QnA at 3Pm. I am also nervous and excited about Shudai. Come help my asunday be h

  255. 14 Feb 2017

    @karwalvishal are you ready to sizzle on screen?Can't thank u enough for being my on screen hearbreaking boyfriend

  256. 14 Feb 2017

    I am taking over @mtvindia snapchat today. 3pm. By the way i am a snapchat virgin. So be kind. Cya #shudai #toxiclove #mtvindia

  257. 15 Feb 2017

    2 hours to go. Couldn't be happier to have this talented rapper @raxstaruk collab on my single #shudai #toxiclove #valentinesday

  258. 16 Feb 2017

    Dear Sun you leave everyday fulfilling me with gratitude, love, faith and humility. Amazed everyday. #ThankYou

  259. 16 Feb 2017

    Thank u @im__sal for your stunning makeup and @nancy6sutaria_hair_makeup for your creativity each time for my hair and @prayrits

  260. 17 Feb 2017


  261. 18 Feb 2017

    Today's Bombay times #bombaytimes #shudai

  262. 19 Feb 2017

    All geared up to Co host with @sonunigam and add some glamour to Mirchi Music Awards.. Excited much. #rsmma #mirchimusicawards

  263. 20 Feb 2017

    Thank u Glam team. You guys make me look good and feel like a goddess. @radiomirchi last night at #mirchimusicawards Gown: @Shiv

  264. 21 Feb 2017

    Love my team @aahutee @media_vantage #teamNB #lovethem #bestteam

  265. 21 Feb 2017

    Goofing with my co host @karantacker backstage @radiomirchi #mirchimusicawards #rsmma #hotness

  266. 22 Feb 2017

    Ve hai main teh ho gaiyan Shudai Sajna. Main taan ho gayi sab toh parayi sajna. "Why we fighting for when i've been fighting fo

  267. 22 Feb 2017

    Today's article in the @middayindia, thank you @sonildedhia #Shudai #toxiclove #nehabhasin #midday #newsong

  268. 22 Feb 2017

    Bling looks like a little pudding in a sauce pan. Love this boy. Also thinking today if our thoughts are our future we should th

  269. 23 Feb 2017

    And thats how you do it. #fashionista #stayfit #style #fashionalert

  270. 24 Feb 2017

    We all are missing u @aahutee get well soon. Your bachas need u.

  271. 25 Feb 2017

    1.6 million views on Shudai either am dreaming or this is really happening. THnks #Nbees you r the best bees. @raxstaruk @prayri

  272. 26 Feb 2017

    2pm FB live chat with @radiomirchi today. Cyu there.

  273. 01 Mar 2017

    There's so much of conditioning we Humans fight or hold onto everyday. I have sort of surpassed defending or debating moral atta

  274. 02 Mar 2017

    Enjoyed a lovely day with my buddy @shivani_cherian at @mandirabedi beachwear collection launch. Very innovative. Must check out

  275. 02 Mar 2017

    The love is growing. Embarked with no expectations on this journey of folk music with @zookthespook and the love that has been r

  276. 03 Mar 2017

    #akhkashni love this song the video. Thank u for all the love on folk music. Mazaa aa gaya ji. Throwback friday ;) #folksongs #

  277. 03 Mar 2017

    Tune into 92.7big fm punjab, himachal and shimla with Rj Dhanveer right now

  278. 04 Mar 2017

    Throwback to this beautiful video. Is it odd that i am addicted to my own version

  279. 04 Mar 2017

    Throwback to wild days and madness. Am a tamed beast now

  280. 05 Mar 2017

    Good morning. Stay fit, stay happy and stay unapologetic. #fitissexy #fitness #happy

  281. 06 Mar 2017

    On my post yesterday i for once focused on the positivity from so many men. It's heart warming to see that. To see the change. A

  282. 06 Mar 2017

    Happy sunday

  283. 08 Mar 2017

    This month's @filmfare my candid interview with @journojuno. I think she churned out things out of me i have not spoken this ope

  284. 08 Mar 2017

    Have a good day. WE are all on a journey of self. Work on that ONLY rest will all align itself. #begood #bepure #onlylove

  285. 09 Mar 2017

    Happy bootiful day

  286. 10 Mar 2017

    Bikini can be cute too. I love this vintage style bathing suit. My body, my taste n i belong in a different era ;) #goa #vintage

  287. 10 Mar 2017

    Lets just say everything is on bloody point. #fashionista #makeuponfleek #haironpoint #fashionblogger

  288. 10 Mar 2017

    #goa #work #work #work #shoot

  289. 11 Mar 2017

    Shoot life.. Makeup and hair: @urbanchokra #behindthescenes #shoot

  290. 11 Mar 2017

    Mornings in goa. Workout before shoot. Have a good day.. #kisses #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitissexy

  291. 12 Mar 2017

    Thank u @zeecineawards for adding gold in my life. Love everyone for so much love. #awardnight #jagghoomeya #zeecineawards

  292. 12 Mar 2017

    On my way to @zeecineawards.. nominated tonight #jagghoomeya Shoes @louboutinworld Dress @shivani_cherian (custom made) Hair @sa

  293. 12 Mar 2017

    I just want to say Thank u. I believed in the music but wasn't sure how far it will go.

  294. 13 Mar 2017

    My gems ;) #godiskind #happysunday

  295. 15 Mar 2017

    Multiple images of my look at @zeecineawards red carpet. I am extremley grateful to @shivani_cherian for helpinge bring my sense

  296. 16 Mar 2017

    Some mornings are a happy reminder of life's blessings. @zookthespook u cutie.

  297. 17 Mar 2017

    Most people under estimate how tough butt photography is

  298. 17 Mar 2017

    Recorded a beautiful Punjabi film song yesterday with Jatinder Shah ji. A very fulfilling and beautiful experience. I still feel

  299. 18 Mar 2017

    There are days you look ok but on the inside you r in hyberbation mode. #newday #denimondenim #workmode #fashionalert

  300. 19 Mar 2017

    Hey guys do watch Mirchi music awards tomorrow 8pm on @zeetv @radiomirchi #nehabhasin #rsmma #mirchimusicawards

  301. 19 Mar 2017

    Nothing profound to say. Enjoy the image.

  302. 20 Mar 2017

    Tune into zee tv right away. Enjoy mirchi music awards Right now. #rsmma #mirchimusicawards #awardnight

  303. 22 Mar 2017

    #mood #sunset #pondering

  304. 23 Mar 2017

    Today's sunset is with a cup of two

  305. 24 Mar 2017

    With all the love on my punjabi folk renditions i get everyday it makes me more excited to churn out more, do better and spread

  306. 25 Mar 2017

    We flaunt cause we like it

  307. 25 Mar 2017

    Vibes last night at Phillauri screening. Channeling the voluptuous woman in me Retro jeans: Milan Shoes ❤: @dolcegabbana Top: @

  308. 25 Mar 2017

    #phillauri is an honest film that will fill up your senses. @anushkasharma is a force to reckon with. The whole cast and crew is

  309. 26 Mar 2017

    Major throwback to my short hair days. @bhasinrashi enjoy yours. In a year or two am gonna do smthing krazy againnn. #shorthair

  310. 26 Mar 2017

    Beautiful unapologetic and just being God's creature without allowing self doubt,external hate or opinions of others to tarnish

  311. 28 Mar 2017

    Love this human #loveher

  312. 28 Mar 2017

    With these two beauties @aahutee @bhasinrashi And FYI with your blessings #naijaana will reach it's 2 Million sooon.

  313. 02 Apr 2017

    #familia time ❤

  314. 04 Apr 2017

    Not exactly my best beach body. But i have shared my images in best angles, best lighting, after a great workout. Here's one whi

  315. 05 Apr 2017

    Celebrating #NaiJaana reaching 2 million views. Thank u @barnalik for your cinematography. #memories #punjabimusic #punjabifolk

  316. 05 Apr 2017

    Celebrating #NaiJaana reaching TWO MILLION VIEWS on youtube. Such a wonderful day. Thank you for all the love and adulation. #n

  317. 05 Apr 2017

    #familia @anubhav_bhasinn

  318. 06 Apr 2017

    Akh kashni the video was about breaking stereotypes. Congrats to us all on this slow crawler gaining it's first 1 MILLION VIEWS.

  319. 07 Apr 2017

    The truth is most people look from their eyes of perception and not instinct or heart. God gave us a natural ability to experien

  320. 07 Apr 2017

    These are powerful words.. #Repost @synmiarosine with @repostapp ・・・ I will teach my daughter to praise her feminine divinity th

  321. 08 Apr 2017

    #vintagefashion ❤

  322. 11 Apr 2017

    It's hot as amber here in mumbai but am addicted to my almond milk cappucino made at my home (of course courtesy cappucino machi

  323. 11 Apr 2017

    Bling n i ❤ Photo courtesy @zookthespook

  324. 12 Apr 2017

    Hello summer #streetfashion

  325. 13 Apr 2017

    Exotic #burlesque #vintagefashion #retrofashion

  326. 13 Apr 2017

  327. 14 Apr 2017

    "Ma those pissy girls at the salon forget that am a boy. Now if you are done embarrasing me social medi please get me out

  328. 14 Apr 2017

    This view ❤ beats the heat for me. The only respite in mad Bombay. Baisakhi di lakh lakh vadhaiyaan. May we as a nation focus on

  329. 15 Apr 2017

    When we just look like jhuddus. A day well spent @aahutee love ya. #friends #summer

  330. 15 Apr 2017

    Mood #weekend

  331. 16 Apr 2017

    That feels quite good. On the wynk app. #shudai #nehabhasin #happy

  332. 17 Apr 2017

    Them quads. And am not even trying

  333. 18 Apr 2017

    Sometimes i wonder if i share too many posts. Then again sharing is caring. The day i have less to share i guess ill just share

  334. 18 Apr 2017

    Throwback to #japan #tokyo. One of the finest countries i have visited. #traveldiaries

  335. 18 Apr 2017

    #palmtrees have a good monday #fit

  336. 19 Apr 2017

    Sunset. #godsbeauty

  337. 19 Apr 2017

    Up close. It's a throwback kinda day. This was the day i stepped out to promote my song in Neerja. Fun hair by my buddy @nancy6s

  338. 19 Apr 2017

    Throwback to #japan @zookthespook you click the best picturres of me.. This trip was also special because well this is when he

  339. 20 Apr 2017

    A few updates to my gorgeous house. Interiors are becoming a serious passion for me. I love love love how its turning out. Hope

  340. 20 Apr 2017

    The way he clickes me even when am sulking assures me i am loved. @zookthespook #lovehim #sunset

  341. 20 Apr 2017

    Throwback to Paris. When i first laid my eyes on the Eiffel Tower i was like 'this is it'? Sameer panicked and said i think you

  342. 21 Apr 2017

    A gorgeous throwback to #Sultan screening. #jagghoomeya #fashionista #style

  343. 22 Apr 2017

    #risingstar rehearsals.. Am excited @colorstv #nehabhasin #singingshow

  344. 22 Apr 2017

    The fun of being myself is that only what i think of myself matters. And i love myself. A bit toooo much. #fitissexy #unapologet

  345. 22 Apr 2017

    This pretty place is our studio. So proud and its sea facing too ;) @zookthespook #workmode #workplace #happy

  346. 23 Apr 2017

    Tune-in to @colorstv tonight at 9pm to watch me on #TheRisingStar ⭐️ Dress by @stopstaringclothing from USA, shoes by @emporioar

  347. 23 Apr 2017

    Happy birthday #NaiJaana You guys made this. Millions of views and endless love. @prayrit love ya #punjabimusic #punjabifolk

  348. 24 Apr 2017

    My kinda Sunday with my fav boy @zookthespook

  349. 24 Apr 2017

    Thank u @shivani_cherian for fan styling @im__sal for your fab makeup @nancy6sutaria_hair_makeup love your artistey in hairstyli

  350. 25 Apr 2017

    Caption this.. be nice

  351. 25 Apr 2017

    Style file #fashionista

  352. 27 Apr 2017

    Just a few nice pictures on my phone. Good night. Hope u had a good day.

  353. 29 Apr 2017

    Trying a rockstar pose #fail

  354. 29 Apr 2017

    Vibes last night. Those Gucci boots are yum. My loot from Milan :) Fab show last night at #hyderabad #nehabhasinlive #fashionale

  355. 30 Apr 2017

    Manager artiste relationships should be like this

  356. 30 Apr 2017

    Am a good girl

  357. 05 May 2017

    Good night. Just fyi i appreciate all the Boob attention but they are a part of my body and speaking of them casually on social

  358. 05 May 2017

    Throwback to Shudai shoot. It's probably my fav yet. What's ypur fav video of mine. #shudai #musicvideo #fashionista

  359. 05 May 2017

    Throwback to @karwalvishal shirtless memory while @raxstaruk was like buddy wear your t shirt #shudai #missthem #musicvideo vide

  360. 06 May 2017

    Been eyeing @quayaustralia since a year. Finally got my hands of twoo yummy sunnies. #sunglasses #quayaustralia #fashionalert #s

  361. 06 May 2017

    When i was down and failing there were those who let me today when am shinning don't try to dim my light coz i will shine so bri

  362. 06 May 2017

    Morons will always talk nonsense. But to my dearest fans, lovely women and my friends and family on insta the best way is to ign

  363. 08 May 2017

    OMG 69K Beautiful HUMANS on my Instagram. Cheers to a soon

  364. 08 May 2017

    May this bond only grow. #mylife #lovehim #happysunday

  365. 10 May 2017

    Yaaaas sweet humans You are 70k now on my insta family. Good night cheers to the many more. Yes this pic is another throwback to

  366. 10 May 2017

    Throwback to spain. Greece on my mind sigh. #travediaries

  367. 11 May 2017

    #summer #miumiu #green

  368. 12 May 2017

    3 million views on #Naijaana Tears of joy. Man it's you guys that made that song the rage it has become. I can't wait to releas

  369. 12 May 2017

    Just me bieng me. My salvatore shoes are lickable. Part of my Milan loot #summerfashion

  370. 13 May 2017

    What's up?

  371. 14 May 2017

    Mirrors don't lie #dillivibes #summerfashion #legs #girlsthatlift #fitfam @venancio_official you built these legs i love you mas

  372. 15 May 2017

    Was looking for an old memory with mom and found this. This moment is beyond memories. I was leaving for Mumbai to be a part of

  373. 15 May 2017

    Getting in mood for my next folk video. Dilli haat u beauty #summers #delhi #indian #meralaunggawacha

  374. 16 May 2017

    @bhasinrashi random capture. Trips to delhi are always filled with mixed emotions. The joy of being around everything and everyo

  375. 16 May 2017


  376. 17 May 2017


  377. 18 May 2017

    Going to put final touches on a spc film song. Stay tuned. #quaysunglasses #quayaustralia

  378. 19 May 2017

    Happy day #nofilter

  379. 19 May 2017

    I am Bling and i ride bikes #lovehim

  380. 22 May 2017

  381. 23 May 2017

    Minor but a bloody transformation. I by and large eat healthy, workout regularly and love fitness but my stomach is like an ex b

  382. 24 May 2017

    As a woman to gain definition in the body and fight pockets of fat is a constant struggle. This post is not From a singer i know

  383. 24 May 2017

    While we are still alive why not love and accept ourselves and others and live to the best of our abilities #onelife

  384. 25 May 2017

    Feeling a bit boho today #bohofashion #summerfashion #bohemian

  385. 26 May 2017

    Vibes tonight. All ready going for the screening of Pirates of the carribean (hindi) Thanks Nancy your hair always on point #vin

  386. 26 May 2017

    Summers are all about comfort and big smiles oh and yummy fruits #summerfashion

  387. 27 May 2017

    Sweet click from last night's screening of #piratesofthecaribbean #revengeofsalazar I actually enjoyed the Hindi dubbing. Respe

  388. 27 May 2017


  389. 28 May 2017

    Ok sorta ready for tomorrows video. A little jiggle am sure will look cute

  390. 31 May 2017

    Cheezy behind the scenes #femmefoodie

  391. 31 May 2017

    #throwback to #femmefoodie shoot with @livingfoods

  392. 06 Jun 2017

    Bye coorg and the peace and quiet. The greenery the food the warmth and ya the glorious days of no signal. So shot 2 videos in a

  393. 07 Jun 2017

    That's all i can share from my upcoming video and song. Any guesses whats coming up? Ps i love you Bling

  394. 08 Jun 2017

    With these lovely ladies in conversation with @anupama.chopra mazaa aa gaya. Love you @neetimohan18 for being u @jonitamusic lot

  395. 08 Jun 2017

    Feeling full gypsie vibe for the upcoming video #ChanMahi. I request you guys to buy legit copies of the song online from legal

  396. 09 Jun 2017

    So happy to announce my collaboration with @batra_naina on #ChanMahi. You guys loved her in #Naijaana and our team 5am and @zook

  397. 09 Jun 2017

    Good morning Go get your copy of my next single #ChanMahi. The music is by @zookthespook and SONG is available on all prominent

  398. 10 Jun 2017

    #throwback to our gorgeous italian wedding @zookthespook i still cant believe i am married

  399. 10 Jun 2017

    Thank you for the love on the teaser of #ChanMahi sooo much love my heart is singing. Link in bio incase you have not seen it. L

  400. 11 Jun 2017

    Thank you @who_wore_what_when for this yummy look with my gorgeous Emporio Armany heels and Nancy Sutaria's hair to match for @A

  401. 13 Jun 2017

    #ChanMahi in today's @middayindia @batra_naina 1 more day to go am SO excited i can't handle it. 14th JUNE

  402. 13 Jun 2017

    Thank you @i_stellajohn for capturing my spirit so well through your lens. This girl has been following my career forever and ca

  403. 14 Jun 2017

    Random phone click behind the scene picture. Good night world. Video goes live at 4.30pm tom on my You tube channel and i do a F

  404. 14 Jun 2017

    Okay Lovers 1 day to go. #ChanMahi will release tomorrow 4.30 pm on my You tube channel. Let's spread the love. Spread the joy o

  405. 15 Jun 2017

    Am so done with the tease the wait finally RELEASE DAY. Thank u @batra_naina for this wonderful Collab. Folks 4.30pm my You tube

  406. 16 Jun 2017

    Just me being me during interviews @middayindia @radiocityindia Office talking about #ChanMahi Love you all. #stripefashion #f

  407. 17 Jun 2017

    Thank you @i_stellajohn for this stunning picture. I appreciate all the love, msgs and the dislikes too. Thank you for being a p

  408. 19 Jun 2017

    81 thousand of you lovers. You are an army of Love and we will keep it that way. Much love. Happy sunday. #ChanMahi #banjaran #

  409. 20 Jun 2017

    Dil waale dulhaniya le jaayenge Photo : @barnalik #madeforeachother #tuscanny #italy

  410. 20 Jun 2017

    #ChanMahi is making heads turn. #deccanchronicle #popstar #folksong

  411. 21 Jun 2017

    And we crossed over half a million views on You tube in 5 days. Good day for non film music. Much love, keep sharing and yes do

  412. 24 Jun 2017

    Shooting with @tips for my song #Aawari from the film #Shab. Couldn't be more grateful. Go hear the song on @saavn and we will r

  413. 26 Jun 2017

    Video of #Aawari my new film song from film Shab coming soon @tips To hear the song link in my bio. It's one of my fav that i ha

  414. 27 Jun 2017

    #nocaptionneeded #ChanMahi Photo @i_stellajohn

  415. 28 Jun 2017

    #aawari #Shab

  416. 29 Jun 2017

    On my way to ##FeminaWomenAwards2017 #fwa2017 nominated in music category. Look forward to be in a room full of inspiritaional

  417. 29 Jun 2017

    There are a few real peolle that ooze talent and Love. @balanvidya it is my immense pleasure and honour to sing for you. Can't w

  418. 30 Jun 2017

    Just coz i did my make up well. Hair @nancy6sutaria_hair_makeup Polki jewellery @jet_gems #makeup #freshmakeup #dewyskin

  419. 30 Jun 2017

    Such an honour to share this award with so many driven and inspirational women. I felt so empowered to see so many heroic role m

  420. 01 Jul 2017


  421. 02 Jul 2017

    That updo though #haironfleek

  422. 03 Jul 2017

    So this iz called fitness growth from trying to be skinny in 1st image in 2005 to 2nd image focusing on fitness and building a b

  423. 03 Jul 2017

    Ok last 1 in this look

  424. 04 Jul 2017

    In Ht brunch. What fun. Will be posting more videos of Chan Mahi hitting 1 milluon soon. Yipeee. Have you seen the making yet. L

  425. 04 Jul 2017

    Fittings. New collab shoot coming up.

  426. 05 Jul 2017

    #chanmahi hits One Million views thanks to your love and appreciation.

  427. 05 Jul 2017

    Watch behind the scenes of Chan mahi. Link in bio. Enjoy #chanmahi

  428. 07 Jul 2017

    Workout then shoot. Still tired but ab chalo kaam karien #shootlife #georgia @easteurope #fitlife #fitgirl

  429. 08 Jul 2017

    Wrapped up a collaboration video with @harshittomar in Georgia #tibilisi Another adventure lived. India am coming home. Nyc awai

  430. 10 Jul 2017

    #desiswag #punjabikudi For my girls wondering all accessories r desi from dilli haat in delhi.

  431. 10 Jul 2017

    I have simple joys. Nature makes me happy. Honesty in people makes me shine. Meditation keeps me centered. Photo : @aahutee

  432. 11 Jul 2017

    Touchdown #nyc

  433. 12 Jul 2017

    #chicago last night. Always enthrawling to see live acts. The thriving energy of performers and live orchestra is so very inspir

  434. 13 Jul 2017

    #nocaptionneeded #empirestatebuilding #rooftopbar

  435. 14 Jul 2017

    My new video #Aawari from film Shab is out now on youtube. Link in bio. So excited. Spread the word. Love you guys. @tips thank

  436. 14 Jul 2017

    It feels so good to be able to pamper my mum. Get overwhelmed. Am grateful and feel lucky. Hoping to pick the trophy of #iifa in

  437. 15 Jul 2017


  438. 15 Jul 2017

  439. 15 Jul 2017

    Excited much to share the video of #Aawari . Link in bio. Hope you love ;) #Shab #newsong #videooftheday #NehaBhasin

  440. 15 Jul 2017

    Checked in, let the #iifa2017 fever begin. #iifaawards #newyork #bollywood

  441. 16 Jul 2017

    Friends like family. Known this boy since we were rowdy mad teenagers. #lovehim

  442. 16 Jul 2017

    On my way to @iifa rocks today. Wearing @shivani_cherian custom made ensemble. Loving the hair and make up done by ladies in NY

  443. 17 Jul 2017


  444. 17 Jul 2017

    #iifa2017 Thank u @shivani_cherian for this stunner.

  445. 17 Jul 2017

    #iifa2017 Ready to slay Dress: Shivani Cherian Heels : Christian Louboutin Hair and makeup : Zoya Nasir Earing: Ambrosia shines

  446. 18 Jul 2017


  447. 18 Jul 2017

    We live fearlessly coz we live by our heart. #iifa2017

  448. 18 Jul 2017

    Mere do bhai @bhasin27 #brothers

  449. 18 Jul 2017

    Thank u @amrosiashine for completing my custom made Ensemble with these stunning sapphire earings. #iifa2017 #fashionbloggers

  450. 19 Jul 2017

    Happy times #family

  451. 19 Jul 2017

    Finally feels like a vacay @bhasin27 @aahutee

  452. 20 Jul 2017

    Have you watched #Aawari yet Link in bio. #NehaBhasin

  453. 20 Jul 2017


  454. 21 Jul 2017

    Doll house for a doll #london

  455. 21 Jul 2017

    Asbury beach new jersey. Now off to London. Ta ta.

  456. 22 Jul 2017

    Just posing

  457. 22 Jul 2017

    Photo : @i_stellajohn #chanmahi

  458. 23 Jul 2017


  459. 23 Jul 2017

    Late breakfast today morning at the cutest cafe called Brigit's bakery. The whole British vibe was beautiful yet contemporary. I

  460. 23 Jul 2017

    We slay @shivani_cherian. Looking back at this legit yummy look. #fashionalert #fashion

  461. 25 Jul 2017

    Grateful for the life we can afford, for the friendships we have, fot the photographer of this image who is also the love of my

  462. 26 Jul 2017

    Grass is greener on our side. #hydepark

  463. 27 Jul 2017

    An original piece from 1960 i bought in Amsterdam last year. #vintagefashion #fashionbloggers #fashionalert

  464. 27 Jul 2017

    We spend most of our lives aspiring to be a version of ourselves that is thinner, more beautiful, more successful, more poised,

  465. 27 Jul 2017

    #londonthumakda Remembering this vibrant ensemble.

  466. 29 Jul 2017

    Fierce Eye liner day #wingedliner

  467. 29 Jul 2017

    Some tea and scones please! Most people who know me know i love tea parties(i don't really drink tea), most things that reek of

  468. 30 Jul 2017

    #Aawari behind the scenes. Link in bio. Incase you missed it

  469. 30 Jul 2017

  470. 30 Jul 2017

    @saratiaraheadwear One of the most stunning stores i have ever seen. Check her stuff out. #englishfashion #portobellomarket #not

  471. 31 Jul 2017

    Bought this 1950's hat from an antique vintage market(portobello market), the seller said i look like a hollywood film star wear

  472. 02 Aug 2017

    Saying bye to a gorgeous stay. Building memories and learning to breath one moment at a time. #cotswold #cheltenham #england #co

  473. 02 Aug 2017

    The expanse of vast skies and this solitary yet proud tree make for a pretty picture in my memory forever. Sharing a small piece

  474. 03 Aug 2017

    The vintage motor museum is all heart, a lot of class and curation of history of cars done with a touch of humour and oodles of

  475. 03 Aug 2017

    Amidst the chatter of modernism, shops and all things new, the old, the used, the almost forgotten heals my mumrmuring heart. A

  476. 04 Aug 2017

    Some say am loud, some say am tacky, some call me bold, fashion police always crosses me off, men think my body parts are all th

  477. 04 Aug 2017

    I do miss them scones, but now time to loose that holiday belly. There is so much history in all things old. These tea cups are

  478. 04 Aug 2017

    New babies #shoeporn

  479. 04 Aug 2017


  480. 04 Aug 2017

    Am back. Barely slept but happy to be in familiar surroundings, tingling with a set of new memories from my trip, gushing to be

  481. 06 Aug 2017

    On a lighter note. These vintage cars were life

  482. 06 Aug 2017

    We all have scars we wish we didn't have. We all have demons we fight each month. Am not perfect am far from it. I walk in darkn

  483. 08 Aug 2017

    We are all alone together. A poem i wrote last night. #poem #song #aloneness

  484. 08 Aug 2017

    Bas 'i believe'. Main aaj apne sab bhaiyon ko yaad karke dher saara pyaar aur dua bhej rahien hoon. #happyrakshabandhan

  485. 09 Aug 2017

    I have a condition that contributes to my extreme lows. No point making a hoo haa about it on social media. But when i start fee

  486. 10 Aug 2017

    Just a prayer. #poem

  487. 10 Aug 2017

    I got this pinned up right infront of our bed as a loving reminder ;) @zookthespook #lovealways

  488. 11 Aug 2017

    Smile coz it's freeeee

  489. 12 Aug 2017

    Major throwback #applebottoms #behindthescenes

  490. 13 Aug 2017

    #mood #weekendvibes

  491. 13 Aug 2017

    My pudding :)

  492. 14 Aug 2017

    Gasping for life, trying to keep my head above the water, getting caught in my own web of chaos, hurting from a pain unknown, th

  493. 15 Aug 2017

    #passion #stagelife #mood

  494. 16 Aug 2017

    Vibe last night at the preview of Bareilly ki barfi. Hai kya mazedaar film hai. So happy for Ashwiny for making a kick ass film,

  495. 16 Aug 2017

    This boy truly is independent and free ;) Be a good human, a kind citizen, help your countrymen and salute the lives laid down f

  496. 17 Aug 2017


  497. 17 Aug 2017

    Photo courtesy @aahutee Swag courtesy good genes

  498. 19 Aug 2017

    We will be 80, over dressed and playing tea party. I look forward to growing old with u. You will be one nutter old lady to hang

  499. 19 Aug 2017

    Coz why not #beachbum #fit #tankini #bikini #fitlife

  500. 19 Aug 2017

    Beaches are soul healing and yes thecbest time to flaunt that bod ;) Very impressed with @thelabellife website for delivering th

  501. 20 Aug 2017

    #beachvibes #retrostyle #thailand #beachbum #booty #beachfit #curvesstrong Swimsuit @michaelkors

  502. 20 Aug 2017


  503. 21 Aug 2017

    #Naijaana 5 Million and counting. I cant believe 5 million people have viewed my song, could not be more grateful. You are the r

  504. 22 Aug 2017

    Happy birthday papa. You are such a heartwarming role model for me. A strong man with a heart so warm and kind. You are so cuddl

  505. 22 Aug 2017

    #nocaptionneeded #beachlife #squatbum #applebottoms #fit #beachbody #beachvacation #nobuttinjections

  506. 23 Aug 2017

    Last evening on this gorgeous beach. For all those who have an opinion on my posts or my choice of pictures i have nothing to sa

  507. 23 Aug 2017

    I post this picture firstly because it's a beautiful image and i remind myself to love and appreciate myself everyday. Most impo

  508. 24 Aug 2017


  509. 24 Aug 2017

    Loving the beach tan. After years i didn't get an allergy from the sun. Had the best time with my family :) #vacation #traveldia

  510. 25 Aug 2017

    A friend if mine sent me this today. Brain tatoo this thought.

  511. 25 Aug 2017

    Good morning. Cheers to 100k wonderful followers on my instagram. Thank you for all your love and support and acceptance of all

  512. 26 Aug 2017

    Finally a hair cut and a much needed blow dry. Best way to beat a rainy day. #greenhairdontcare

  513. 27 Aug 2017

    #Aawari #behindthescenes

  514. 27 Aug 2017

    Shine bright like a diamond ;)

  515. 31 Aug 2017

    Ok yes my true fans are right. To hell with Ass holes. Goodnight #noexplanations

  516. 31 Aug 2017

    This baby is where @zookthespook and i started our Punjabi folk music journey. It's a walk we walk with love and with all our h

  517. 03 Sep 2017

    Yaaas get the bling back. Shows coming up. My most favourite thing in the world is to perform, entertain, sing and own that glor

  518. 03 Sep 2017

    Woes of the bobs oh i meant boobs

  519. 07 Sep 2017


  520. 07 Sep 2017

    Major throwback #shudai #nehabhasin

  521. 07 Sep 2017

    The boy is mine

  522. 08 Sep 2017

    A small message for young boys and girls. This is us in Viva. I am the one on extreme left. I was always full bodied. Unfortunat

  523. 08 Sep 2017

    Major throwback. Spot me. We were and will always be the original Indian popstars. #viva #2003 #popstars

  524. 09 Sep 2017

    If i don't sing, workout and meditate i feel imbalanced. Give it 15 min a day but do workout. Eat good food and stay happy #stay

  525. 10 Sep 2017

    It's Saturday night and we will party. Have a good weekend :)

  526. 10 Sep 2017

    #throwback #launggawacha #aheadofitstimes #different

  527. 10 Sep 2017

    Helllllooo after Apple beauty, one mad song coming up with THE DSP @devi_sriprasad. Recording with him is always one upbeat, hig

  528. 11 Sep 2017

    Mad night :) #saturdaynight

  529. 15 Sep 2017

    Show time. Off to dubai.

  530. 15 Sep 2017

    Like most conditioned humans i also have days when the perfected, touched up, anti fat , anti flab, anti-ageing almost god like

  531. 16 Sep 2017


  532. 17 Sep 2017

    #vibes #mood #fashionalert

  533. 17 Sep 2017

    #nocaptionneeded #giglife #nehabhasinlive

  534. 17 Sep 2017

    Had a fabulous show with wonder cement in Dubai. Always fun to be on stage. #fashionalert #pinkhair #lavenderhair

  535. 18 Sep 2017

    Fun radio interviews today in Dubai. Check out my insta stories today to stay in touch. I love this ensemble from @stradivarius

  536. 19 Sep 2017

    Ulta pulta/ topsy turvy

  537. 21 Sep 2017

    Off to The Big F Awards @indian_food_freak Looking forward to mingle with the real foodies of India tonight. Ps: also testing m

  538. 21 Sep 2017

    #swingzara #jailavakusa #deccanchronicle

  539. 22 Sep 2017

    I ate salads and low carbs for 20 days before i shot Chan Mahi in the hope of tightening my beloved tummy. You know i work out r

  540. 22 Sep 2017

    #chanmahi lyric video going live in a few minutes. Yes it has a translation tooooo. Cyou on my YouTube channel. Link will be in

  541. 22 Sep 2017

    Dress: karen millen Shoes : jimmy choo Hair n make up : Suzanne Event : #thebigfawards Smile: priceless #fashionalert #style #f

  542. 22 Sep 2017

    Makeup last night. #vibes

  543. 23 Sep 2017

    #memories #chanmahi #mybest #bohostyle

  544. 26 Sep 2017

    Throwback to recording with @devi_sriprasad #applebeauty #applebooty

  545. 26 Sep 2017

    Whenever i am on the brink of my new release i get nostalgic about my last one. Such happy memories @batra_naina @prayritseth @z

  546. 26 Sep 2017

  547. 27 Sep 2017

    Photo @i_stellajohn

  548. 27 Sep 2017

    Its a baggy kinda day. Final touches on my next release. Will be announcing soon. #loveya #boyfriendjeans

  549. 27 Sep 2017

    Own it, all of it. Every inch of you is you. Love it. Deep down we are all craving a love so deep but that love starts with self

  550. 29 Sep 2017

    When you were born to be different why bother blending in. Photo @i_stellajohn #beyou

  551. 30 Sep 2017

    When i said a month back i want only beach destinations henceforth, God was listening. #bali #ilovemybody #beachbody #fitness #h

  552. 01 Oct 2017

    Had a wonderful punjabi folk performance here in Bali. Maza aa gaya. Thank you @svacouture for this gorgeous ensemble and @jet_g

  553. 01 Oct 2017

    Folk show tonight in Bali. Excited much.. How do i look? #nehabhasinlive #punjabifolkconcert

  554. 01 Oct 2017

    @aahutee took such a nice picture i had to post it. So performing folk today in Bali. Wish me luck. Love you all. #ImNoAngel #fi

  555. 03 Oct 2017

    Releasing my next song on 10th oct. Its an original. What is your expectation? #nehabhasin #originalrelease

  556. 04 Oct 2017

    Just coz this pic is cute. I get jitters before i release my own songs. Will it reach out, will it be easily available or will i

  557. 04 Oct 2017

    ''Belihaziya" releasing 10th Oct. A song that will move you, grip you, make you cry and make you smile. Any guesses on what the

  558. 06 Oct 2017

    #Belihaziya teaser out tomorrow. And Man calm down on your stupid comments makes me look like meat in the jungle and you hungry

  559. 06 Oct 2017

    #Belihaziya dil mera yoon tuteya, belihaziya menu kivien maar sutteya

  560. 07 Oct 2017

    #Belihaziya teaser out now. Link in bio. It needs your love, sharing, likes and good vibes. Video out on 10th oct. Stay tuned. #

  561. 08 Oct 2017

    Who runs the world??? GIRLS. Your band/crew/artistes become like family. Performing tonight at Seychelles. #nehabhasinlive

  562. 08 Oct 2017

    On air today in Delhi with City Da Gabru @apnayuvi on @radiocityindia 91.1 FM talking about punjabi Folk and my new track "Belih

  563. 09 Oct 2017

    Good night world. There r days i question everything and then there are days i go with the flow. #evolution #sunset #seychelles

  564. 10 Oct 2017

    Red red wine ;)

  565. 10 Oct 2017

    Headlined the India Seychelles day 2017 on Saturday night. A memorable concert. I have completed 14 years in the music business

  566. 11 Oct 2017

    #Belihaziya full video is out now. Link to the video in my bio. This song is different from what i have done so far. Pop in good

  567. 12 Oct 2017

    Shooting #Belihaziya was one of my best experiences. The jungles and mountains of Coorg were breath taking. Thank you coconut fi

  568. 12 Oct 2017

    #Belihaziya To the one who broke your heart #Belihaziya like beqadara #Belihaziya Is the one who did this. Have you heard seen

  569. 14 Oct 2017

    I am a purist. I follow my heart. I love my body because it houses my soul. I do what i believe in. I believe in everything i do

  570. 14 Oct 2017

    Today's Hindustan times. #Belihaziya #makingnews

  571. 15 Oct 2017

    Diwali vibe ;)

  572. 17 Oct 2017

    Happy diwali everyone. Bought this outfit today for 1600 rupees at a store called Vidyarthi Khadi Bhandar in khar.This store pro

  573. 17 Oct 2017

    #throwback #spain #littleme

  574. 18 Oct 2017

    #nocaptionneeded #indianfashion #indianfabrics #khadiclothes #purecotton #photobombed

  575. 19 Oct 2017

    Tere sang ek coffee bhi kick deti hai @avanidesai This is what an eternal friendship looks like. You make me believe in forever

  576. 20 Oct 2017

    Who is ready for a dazzling #Diwali ?? #MeetMeAtTheMall @WTCAD for an unforgettable evening to sing and dance together on Fri 20

  577. 22 Oct 2017

    I have seen highs and lows in my career. Today i just say thank u everyday. Conquering my dreams 1 step at a time. #gratitude

  578. 22 Oct 2017

    Rocked the performance last night in this hot number by @karen_millen (london). And stunning but uncomfy @louboutinworld heels.

  579. 22 Oct 2017

    Thank you @wtcad #abudhabi for such a warm welcome. Couldn't be a better diwali. Such a fab performance, great crowd and check o

  580. 23 Oct 2017

    What you gonna do with all that junk all that junk inside your trunk. #myhump

  581. 25 Oct 2017

    #naijaana 6 Million

  582. 25 Oct 2017

    Memories. 1 year ago. @avanidesai @zookthespook #tuscanny #love #bffs

  583. 25 Oct 2017

    Dil de ghaurande'ch rang bhare si. Hai ni buniyadaan'ch zang lage si. ( i built my heart with colours of our love, but little di

  584. 26 Oct 2017

    10 years later ;) From a girl to a proud woman. Women embrace womanhood. Its beautiful. #loveyourself

  585. 26 Oct 2017

    Happy birthday @aahutee I think this picture says it all. Have a blast my love. I life go live it.

  586. 26 Oct 2017

    Major throwback. This is me at least 10 years ago.

  587. 28 Oct 2017

    Another throwback. When i had purple hair. 2015

  588. 29 Oct 2017

    Go hard or go home. #motto

  589. 30 Oct 2017

    That sunset glow needs no bloody filter. #wingedliner

  590. 30 Oct 2017

    That point in my life when tags, names, opinions don't matter to me. My body, my life, my time on earth is borrowed time by my c

  591. 30 Oct 2017


  592. 01 Nov 2017

    #aawari will always be special. What a song.

  593. 01 Nov 2017

    Throwback to 2009 bff di shaadi @avanidesai Get married again nah.

  594. 02 Nov 2017

    Caught in the moment of admiring this cute trolley by @shivani_cherian Should i buy it? Its soooo cute

  595. 02 Nov 2017

    Vibes :)

  596. 03 Nov 2017

    Beautiful throwback sigh #bestplaybacksinger #filmfareawards2017 #jagghoomeya

  597. 03 Nov 2017

    Throwback #indianfabrics #desifashion

  598. 05 Nov 2017

    Another throwback #applebeauty #jnrntr #janathagarage

  599. 05 Nov 2017

    Remember this? #awwtuzomoghkortha #audiolaunch #nenokkadine #maheshbabu

  600. 06 Nov 2017

    Sunday #nofilterneeded

  601. 07 Nov 2017

    Haye meriyaan, lagg jaaniya, khair main mangti rab nah karey, eh sittam tere naal koi nah karey. I pray to my god so that i don

  602. 08 Nov 2017

    Some images say so much about the joys our heart was murmuring with in that moment. And the beauty of a photograph is it silentl

  603. 08 Nov 2017

  604. 11 Nov 2017

    For no reason in particular am in no mood to be on social media. Also i have told you about my highs and lows. Something i often

  605. 12 Nov 2017

    Caption this. My favourite will get a fun reply.

  606. 12 Nov 2017

    Health and fitness have a very different meaning in my life today. Fitness to me is my holistic well being, preserving and conse

  607. 13 Nov 2017

    #Belihaziya #behindthescenes

  608. 13 Nov 2017


  609. 14 Nov 2017

    Throwback to an original look thanks to @shivani_cherian While the world is going after brands and stylists and runway looks, s

  610. 14 Nov 2017

    There is no bigger sadness than lack of self love. If you cannot love the being you have lived with forever 'you' then how will

  611. 15 Nov 2017

    #happychildrensday be kind to children they are our future. This is my cousin n i :)

  612. 16 Nov 2017

    Jab hum chotte bache the @bhasinrashi Also looks like i ate all your food and i still have them curves on

  613. 16 Nov 2017

  614. 17 Nov 2017

    #blues #bluehair #Belihaziya

  615. 19 Nov 2017

    @sunandaw happy birthday my love. You are one of the few people who i love and accept unconditionally. You my dearest friend are

  616. 19 Nov 2017

    Payals are such a beautiful feminine accessory. Loving these. Bought them from Amrapali the tribe collection. Ps: yes i have v

  617. 19 Nov 2017

    Thank you for your birthday wishes. Grateful for this life on rent and mean to make the most of my precious time on this beauti

  618. 22 Nov 2017

    Back to basics. No colour. Cut them shorter. Going natural. #blackhairdontcare