Tamil Movie - Azhakiya Laila - Part 2 Out Of 6 [HD]

  • Azhakiya Laila is A tamil movies Full Movies This movie speaks to us about the social insecurity of our women. The story tread goes through a lady called Laila, who get locked in to the pit of cheating followed by Love Cheater. She got stamped as a Prostitute and slips to a Jail. There she gets immense torture and harassment from warden and jail authorities. They pressure her for un wanted activities she tries to refuse it, but no use. Her life is chopped in the hands of these people. later a press reporter arrives to learn about the lives of these woman. The outer world gets info's via the reporter.Which gives hope and light to their lives. Coming Soon....Tamil Movies Secret Of Sex,IMax Sundhari,Puthan Puthusu Tamil Full Movies 2014 Tamil Songs,Tamil Movies Subscribe:http://www.youtube.com/ TamilmoviesMW Click Here & Subscribe Now http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TamilMoviesMW Click Here Full Movies https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRNGQPcJVJvoYd61r_fL5hmLCUgy7f2Yb This Tamil YouTube movie channel Movie World Tamil contains copyright/Classic/Evergreen/Exclusive/Of­ficial/Tamil new movies contents from Tamil movies. In this channel users can watch Tamil latest full movies,Tamil comedy scenes,Tamil Movies